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Brainvire Launches Pioneering Mobile Game Applications – Gets Over 10 K Downloads Worldwide

“Brainvire has launched some of the best mobile game applications in the last couple of months and got amazing response of more than 10k downloads and 100 positive reviews across the world”

27 August, 2015 - Brainvire, the leading mobile and game application development company has launched a few successful Android and iPhone game applications and the team is not at all surprised to get over 10 k downloads.

In this tech freak age, games are also developed using technologies. Looking at the positive wall of it, game apps are the best for everyone; right from the kids to the professionals who want to divert their mind from work in their ten-minute break. Game apps can be developed in various fields; right from educational apps for kids to logical apps for adults. We, at Brainvire have developed a few mobile game applications for iPhone and iPad.

OK: Drag smooth okay line to clear the white tiles board:

You must drag your finger in such a way that it hits all the white tiles and clears the screen. You will get hang of it as you play; it is so simple, yet difficult to clear all the levels. It teaches you about angles. Being one of the best logical game applications, it got over 6000 downloads in less than a month.

Crazy Prank Cam ++ Reloaded with Instant Horror:

This scary game application is meant to frighten your friends with scary faces and then enjoy watching them scream with the recorded video they share. A lot of people have been using this fun game app, having total 3720 downloads in a month.

Crazy Car:

Crazy Car : Angry Chase Race in Real 3D HD

Drive fast, avoid collisions and collect coins to make the highest points in this amazing car game app for iPhone and iPad. This super exciting game has great graphics, amazing tracks and easy control that guarantees you fun.


Genius, as the name suggests is for genius people who love to solve puzzles. It is one of the best mathematical game applications, which is made even more interesting with points and lives.

Crazy Wheel:

This is one of the best mobile mind games apps that help you sharpen your concentration. All you have to do is tap the screen when arrow points to the matching color of the part of the wheel.

Quick 100:

Quick 100 is one of the best spot the number game that help you enhance your speed. All you need to do is spot the number and tap it quickly to make the score of 100 in 30 seconds.

Pop Guess the Luck: Heads or Tail:

Out of so many free number guessing luck game applications, this one is the best, as you can play it with your friend and also play it with device, if you are alone.

The CEO at Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah says, “The saying ‘The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice’ holds true, as the mobile application development team is extremely happy and content, as their hard work resulted into so many successful game apps in the app store with the additional success of thousands of downloads. Good reviews of people across the world tell us that people like our games; the games like OK, Scary Prank, Genius, Crazy Wheel, Quick 100 and Pop Guess the Luck and that too , the first two getting over 10 K downloads in less than a month.“

Brainvire is one of the leading game application development companies, which has got highly skilled and experienced game developers that are expert in developing the best Android and iPhone game apps. People love to spend time playing our game apps, which was our ultimate aim.

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