AR Feature Integration for Furniture Retailer

Brainvire creates an app integrating AR features that will let users witness how the furniture would look in their room.

AR Feature Integration for Furniture Retailer
AR Feature Integration for Furniture Retailer

About Project

The client's products and services include selling home and office furniture, commercial tenders, complete design-and-build solutions, and interior design consultation. In addition, Brainvire has developed an app that utilizes augmented reality to allow people to test out things without leaving the convenience of their own homes.

What we did

We created an advanced app for the client so people can browse pictures, names, and descriptions of available furniture without leaving the app. Voice search and augmented reality capabilities are the main draws. The augmented reality technology will allow customers to try on different furniture pieces in their own homes virtually.

Tech Stack

  • Adobe XD
    Adobe XD
  • Azure DevOps
    Azure DevOps
  • Crashlytics service
    Crashlytics service
  • Firebase
  • GIT
  • Google 3D Engine
    Google 3D Engine
  • Magento - Adobe Cloud Managed Server
    Magento - Adobe Cloud Managed Server
  • Magento Ecosystem
    Magento Ecosystem
  • MySQL
  • Native Android and iOS App
    Native Android and iOS App




Reality Simulation: Virtually furnishing a space before purchase has never been easier.



A client has shown interest in having an augmented reality (AR) smartphone app developed, complete with voice search functionality. We have developed an app that lets users see and try out things in their living spaces. Then, the app will take them directly to the website if and when the user decides they want to buy the product. List View, Grid View, mobile-optimized graphics, support for two languages, a product list, and information about each item are all included.

Client Testimonials

Patricia Walters
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They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.
Patricia Walters
Founder and CEO - Creative LLC
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They handle all their work with a personal touch, which encourages a continued long-term partnership. Their deliverable are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. I would recommend Brainvire to anyone.

Mike Luhtanen
Founder, Creative LLC
3 years ago
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