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An Integrated Supply Chain Software to Streamline Business Operations

Brainvire collaborated with the client to touch new dimensions of the business by coming up with more empowering, cutting edge digital solutions.
Supply Chain Management
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About Client

A Kenya based client approached Brainvire to develop a web and mobile based software that manages entire supply chain process. The client is the leading supplier of various FMCG products and holds years of experience in the retail industry. The main aim of the client is to streamline the entire supply chain process by developing an integrated software that automates and synchronizes the entire inventory system. Moreover, the web application is integrated with the android mobile app that allow other users such as wholesalers, retailers or sales agent to access and update the data as and when required. The key objective of the client is to explore the untapped opportunities of the retail market by leveraging a unified supply chain management system that streamlines entire operation in an effective manner. The application is designed keeping in mind Kenya audience.

About Product

In the field of ERP, Supply chain management software holds utmost importance as it allows companies to effectively source raw materials and control the product cycles. Earlier, companies make use of various SCM tools to determine their purchases. But, the increasing technological innovations and change in consumer behavioral pattern demands a more robust and holistic software. Today, companies are moving towards being more demand-driven and the right technology support will make a difference. So, in order to maintain the balance between demand and supply, the client wanted to develop a web based integrated supply chain software that manages and synchronize entire inventory system, updates stock level during purchase and sales, updates delivery and cancellation status, generates reports based on sales, sales history and orders. Moreover, the client demanded to develop an android based mobile interface that allows field users like sales agent, retailers or wholesalers to seamlessly access and update information in an online or offline manner.

How we did it ?


Streamlined Business Process

The unified and synchronized supply system streamlined entire supply chain process.

High Security

Implementation of HTTPS security standard prevents people from modifying requests and thus boost website security.

Automated Operations

Development of supply chain system with MVC architecture made entire system synchronized and integrated that automated all the operations.

Synchronized System

As the system is highly synchronized, it helps in generating accurate sales and order reports.

Client Testimonials

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5/5 (7)

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