The client is amongst United state’s leading landscape installation and maintenance service providers. 30+ years of experience and high standard quality services have kept them in the topmost position in the silver grenade valley. The reason behind the business’ grand success is its beautiful collection of shrubs, plants and even trees and the unparalleled service throughout. The variety of flower plants to fruit trees allure the customer in a straight way. In today’s digital era, the client was finding quite tough to bring customers to the nursery to showcase the varieties. Moreover, the client was looking for a digital solution which virtually showcases the plant varieties in customer’s own premise.

Project Highlights

Brainvire team created an Augmented Reality based mobility solution which is being used by sales employees and end customers. This mobile application captures the potential customer’s site using the camera. The user can drag and drop multiple 3D landscape objects into the scene and can move them anywhere to visualize it differently. The USP of the application is its ‘aging’ module. The application not only augments the virtual 3D objects into the scene but also showcase how they will look after certain years. This provides a user an idea about the future garden and helps him/her take the decision. Moreover, the English to Spanish translator is embedded into this application to provide a personalized experience to both Mexican users and workers. The mobile application holds a huge inventory of various landscapes like shrubs, plants, trees, grasses, perennials etc. Plus, the application is also equipped with the product details such as weight, price, container info etc. along with high definition images. In addition to that, in each and every category, multiple filtering options like drought tolerant, low/medium/high water use, full/partial sun or shade plants are available to refine the search. Moreover, the application is integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Mail to share the designed images. In addition to that, the code was restructured entirely with proper version control mechanism and the apt documentation. Within few months only, the website gained an attention of its potential audience.

The Challenges

  • 3D object Creation for a huge inventory
    To augment a plant into a user premise, its 3D object is required. The client holds the huge inventory consisting of a variety of landscapes. Plus, more varieties keep flooding into inventory. It becomes an overhead task to create 3D objects for all landscapes and new upcoming ones. So the client asked for a solution which automatically generates the 3D object for a given landscape.
  • Multiple Plant object augmentation with aging feature
    With drag & drop, multiple plant objects should be augmented into the scene. The user should be able to adjust its placing anywhere on the location to completely visualize the future garden. Also, the client asked for an aging effect which means a showcase of how the plant(s) will look like after certain years.
  • Aligning an application with business processes
    Since the business aspects are attached to this application, the alignment with business processes was required. Right from inventory management and order management, sales to billing everything was needed to be integrated with an application.
  • Translation from English to Spanish & vice versa
    The client was facing an issue of communicating with Mexican workers and customers. To resolve the issue, the client asked to craft a module that translates the communication texts from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Tech Stack

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    Apple AR

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  • Tech stack related technology logos



  • 78% Improvement In Lead Conversion

    Delighted by personalized future garden experience, the huge number of users turn into customers.
  • ROI Achieved in 3 months

    The maximized lead conversion resulted in ROI in just 3 months
  • More User Attraction For The Company

    Instead user visiting nursery, the nursery visits the user.
  • Eased Out Sales Process

    The AR app saves the salesperson and customer time to a higher extent.

Client Review

Patricia Walters

Patricia Walters

Founder and CEO - Creative LLC

They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.

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