An Enticing App For Digital Challengers to Relish Their Leisure Time

November 09, 2022 Dallas, USA

Whenever we are drowned in monotony, we look for avenues to rejuvenate our spirits and help us bounce back with a fresh spurt of enthusiasm. And what is better than having a playful exchange amongst friends? In light of this, our client created a mobile app to improve people’s interactions with their virtual elite networks.  

The client is keen to have an app built for online challengers, where users may throw challenges at each other, invite their friends to take part, choose a judge, conditional disbursement, and wind up paying out the winners.  

They hope that by making this app, many people will be able to meet new people and have fun while giving dares to each other and inviting anyone they want to, from friendly rivalry between family members to healthy competitiveness amongst college mates, from office rivals to training partners or someone who they just met.  

We have built a robust technological platform that seamlessly connects the real world with the online world, bringing with it all the pleasure and excitement of playing a game while sitting at home. 

There are times when we all get bored, and all we need is an outlet. So, with our help, our customers aimed to develop the ideal digital entertainment hub. We’re working on a mobile entertainment app that will enable users to “pool” money to be distributed conditionally upon one another’s acceptance and completion of performance-based challenges,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire. 

The Brainvire team has proposed a native app per the client’s needs since it offers the finest combination of security and usability. In addition, we are now considering whether to integrate a single, couple, or all of the following payment gateways within the app: PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle. 

The app’s primary function is to facilitate the formulation and dissemination of challenges within the user’s social circle as well as outside of it; prior to the formulation of the challenge, the creator may preview the task’s parameters for accuracy. The creator will also need to choose a judge for the competition. Nonetheless, the invitee can send modification requests to alter the amount, time, description and judge (applicable only for one-on-one challenges).  Individuals will be notified if they have been selected to serve as a judge in the competition after an arbitrator has been appointed.

Users invited through mobile number would get a challenge link to that number. The user will be prompted to download the app if needed.

The user who issues the challenge will be charged a fee, as will all participants who accept it; the money will be collected and held in the system until the challenge is complete, which will be distributed to the winner. If a user wants to set a challenge with a prize pool larger than the default amount, they may purchase and use credits.

The user will get a confirmation message when the funds are successfully deposited. The minimum quantity is subject to change; users cannot enter a value lower than that. The user will get the “Insufficient balance” error if their balance is insufficient.

It’s important to note that users may only withdraw the funds earned via challenges and that other users can only utilize rewards received through in-app or QR code scanning to create their challenges.

We’ll also be using firebase chat to facilitate user-to-user communication. This feature may be used for one-on-one conversations or in groups. The user may also adjust the volume and sound settings directly from the interface.

The challenge organizer shouldn’t choose a sum that would put him beyond his current wallet limit. If the total does not equal the threshold, the app will direct the user to the additional balance page, and the challenge’s original developer will serve as a judge.

Our programmers were challenged to use their creativity in order to design this fun and engaging digital platform that would provide hours of amusement to several users.

Please get in touch with us via a call or drop a mail at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding our mobile app development solutions.

About Brainvire

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