The Best Practices in Open Source Development World for Better Web Development Services

More and more businesses are moving towards open source development as it provides easy customization and ability to create innovative and creative applications that suits one’s business needs and requirements. There are many open source technologies that can be utilized for creating vibrant websites and other commercial web applications.

Gaining a full advantage from Open Source Development consumes lesser time as compared to writing code for the entire set of features in the application. Customization can be easily used in every aspect of the web development with host of useful features suitable for almost all entities involved in online and offline business.

According to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research stated that, the quality of open source software met or exceeded the expectations of 92% of respondents while 87% of the respondents said that the open source software delivered the cost savings they were hoping for.
In this post, we will discuss on the best practices of open source development while working on the development projects.

Best Practice #1:  Engage & Participate within a wider community

There are many advantages of using open source software, but the biggest advantage is the virtually limitless resources available in the open source ecosystem where everyone is welcomed to participate as a user, contribute and adopt. The millions of Hire Wordpress developers around the world are testing the software, fixing bugs and adding new features but unfortunately the choice of an open source license can limit participation. The Apache Software License (ASL) or Eclipse Public License (EPL) makes it easier for the organizations to engage and participate on a wider scale.

Best Practice #2:  Freedom from vendor lock-in

In the vendor dominated open source projects, contributors are often required to assign the copyright of their contribution to the vendor but when the businesses turn to open source software they are free from severe vendor lock-in. This helps the vendor to adopt alternative licensing strategies like dual licensing which may create a revenue opportunity unique to that company.

Best Practice #3:  Truly open

In an open development community, the open source developers need to work in the open using public issue trackers, public code repositories, public build systems and once a month doing a code commit to a public code repository. The Wordpress website development teams are a part of large community and also they need to make sure to have updated project plans published and technical discussions held in a public forum.

Best Practice #4:  Cost Effectiveness

If you are willing to purchase the software itself, the exorbitant cost of mandatory virus protection, support charges, ongoing upgrades expenses and the cost associated with being locked in. The proprietary software takes more out of your business and ensures a better quality at a low price.

Best Practice #5: Try Before You Buy

If you are considering using open source software, it will cost you nothing to try it out first. This is partly due to existence of Live CDs and partly due to software’s free price.
The business should necessarily use open source software development as it holds many benefits such as security, quality, customizability, flexibility, interoperability, auditability and support options. So grab the opportunity and contact the Open Source Development Company today for your open source development projects.

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