Odoo Integration with RFID-Based System Eased Inventory Management for a Jewellery Front-Runner in North America

March, 2021 Dallas, USA

We integrated an RFID-based inventory system with Odoo to streamline orders inclusive of all steps from a selection of metal to the finished ring for a popular diamond and jewelry brand in North America.

The client faced several hindrances to keep track of different precious stones, their current status, and the timeframe for the ring to get ready for delivery. There was a constant threat of losing or misplacing a gem. Furthermore, the company feared delays in the delivery of rings.

This well-known Diamond and Jewellery brand is based in North America. They have over 50 years of excellence and have strong roots in customer service, hard work, honesty, and integrity. The company treats every customer like a precious gem. They wanted to organize their internal management and offer niche services to customers.

Our experts proposed an integration with Odoo solution to track the updated location of all the gemstones, melees, and loose stones in the company. This was carried on with utmost accuracy. With Odoo, the jewelry brand can now obtain real-time updates when they receive job orders. They can also track everything from the selection of the metal to the type of metal finish being opted for the ring.

“Word of mouth has a strong influence in jewelry. This makes it necessary to protect businesses with reliable security systems. Odoo has improved capabilities that can fit the security aspect and simultaneously offer advanced features to improve the brand’s internal efficiency. Hence, our experts suggested this robust technology and implemented it successfully to ease all client worries,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

The company offers a variety of ring finishes such as metal, waxing, casting, waste metal management, and setting. The advanced Odoo management allowed the client to handle and the CAD file designs more efficiently.

The cycle count feature in the Odoo management system constantly updated the inventory stocks. This way, the brand will never run out of a demanding gem instead update the inventory as and when required.

As a Jewellery brand, this was a remarkable initiative since not many brands have adopted such a distinctive system for inventory management. The company is glad that they adopted this innovative digital solution for jewelry businesses that can automate their workflow as this has increased their ROI.

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