One of the most talked about subject in the SEO industry is marketing automation which can be nearly defined to as a technology that is designed for marketing organizations so that they can operate on multiple channels online and automate the repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation has a great spectrum and it needs to be defined more so here are some of the things you may need to know on this subject.

  • Marketing automation doesn’t eliminate the need to understand the sales process

Automation can’t help you if you don’t have a clue about the sales process and even if you automate the whole processes then also you will need the skills to monitor and understand the success and effects so that you can achieve your goal.

  • You don’t need to be a large company

Marketing automation software in the prior years was costly making it difficult for the small and mid-sized companies to purchase but that’s not the case now even the small and mid-sized businesses are using this software and have increased to a great extent.

  • Marketing automation assists immediately

One of the best features of marketing automation software is that it can fetch you results real fast. According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation can attain about 15% increase in sales efficiency and 12% decrease in the overhead requirement. This means that the sales process can be sped up in a very less time which can raise your revenue in a very short time span.

What are the cons?

  • Marketing automation doesn’t fit every business

Your sales cycle, average sale, advertising channels, you tech-savvy with business and your ability to devote the time needed for implementation are some of the factors that decide that marketing automation will work for you or not. Marketing automation programs are not cheap and you should know that how you need to optimize your business with it. A lot of research and viewing online demos will help you in knowing that this program is suitable for your firm or not. If marketing automation is not fit for your business then you can take PPC management service for your business, it will help you to get business.

  • Utilisation may not be thorough

A marketer may be unable to thoroughly use this marketing automation platform. One of the main reason behind this is that many free of cost platforms are unable to provide the required training to the subscribers and the second reason is that no marketer gets time to learn this subject in depth.

  • Content shortage

It is the most obvious thing because if you don’t have tailored and quality content then what are you going to automate through this platform? How will you engage people and how will you generate revenue?

You need to email a good and luring content so that you can attract customers easily, rather than hiring content creators and blogger marketers should improve their writing skills so that he can pick up the right content quality wise and quantity wise.

  • Email as a channel

Email is a marketing channel that has been in trend since a long time and it is effective too but over-reliance on this channel is a problem which is one of the main factors of issues in marketing automation.

What is the future?

  • Building a good relationship with customers

Reaching out to the customers so as to reply them quickly even if it is just a mail saying that you are reviewing their information and will get back shortly is one of the best ways to construct a good and long-term relationship with the customers. One of the best way to not make your customers wait for a long time is to establish workflows to email and set up notifications so that your sales team can know that someone’s ready to chat, this whole thing can free up the time of your sales team and let them focus on their work.

  • Setting up more intellect workflows

Workflows have been in the industry for a long time and they are used to message with behavior-based skills now. So workflows send separate brand marketing messages to different marketing messages according to the nature of the products they purchased.

Social media is the best way for marketing as it engages a large area of population and it facilitates a business to reach out to a large part of the audience. A social media platform helps you to grow your social accounts and make you grow your following. You can schedule your posts or even leave them for auto-publishing. digital marketing agency assures that you can reach the most relevant audience.