Social network with life time familty memories


About Project

Bragshare is one of the most popular social networking website. The client has been witnessing people facing difficulty in finding old posts. So, his specific requirement was to build the best social networking website; especially focusing on one feature; that can help people to find the past post in less than three steps.

What we did

Unique social media application where people can brag about who they are. It allows them to share memories, achievements, personal story, aspiration and many things and have always those information handy in terms of digital form.

Tech Stack

  • AJAX
  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5
    PHP 5
  • Symfony




Systematic Brag board



Brainvire team successfully developed the social networking website as per the exact client requirements. We were successful in incorporating the main feature which client wanted us to implement. Also, other features like Recommendation, Testimonials, Internal sharing post, Classified and Job portal were also the part of the website.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Daniel CoburnPlay
I choose Brainvire for my social media portal because of the competitive costing offered by them. I am satisfied with the services offered by these people. My requirements turned out in the exact outcome I expected. These people are supporting us even after completion of the project and helping us for the enhancement of our website. I strongly recommend Brainvire because of the amount of hard work these people put into my project.
Mr. Daniel Coburn
Co. Founder - Bragshare
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Having had previous experience with Brainvire, the client was eager to use them for his own project. Their accessibility and ability to properly set expectations, even despite scope creep, has helped make the project a success.

Daniel Coburn
Co-founder, Bragshare
5 years ago

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