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About Client

The client has a great knack in dealing with various aspects of the business world and has worked with many organizations to help them with consulting, marketing and management initiatives and services. He has worked with leading companies as a director role in Rakuten marketing and digital marketing.

Business Challenges

The client realized that there exist so many social applications where people can share and post the personal story and professional achievements at one place. But, when it comes to searching the posts that they have updated a few years back, it was quite a task. He came up with an idea to build the application that help people to create the timeline where people can easily find their past, present and future activities.


The unique social media application was engineered where users can brag about who they are, what they are doing and what they are about to. This platform allows them to share the memories, achievements, personal story and aspirations.
Furthermore, the application has great benefits to the businesses in terms of building and managing their reputation by documenting their past achievements and future goals on the unique timeline.


  • Bragboard display the posts, classifieds and job portal
  • Users can view the posts, category-wise
  • Posts can be searched for any month or year
  • Dynamic timeline showcasing the past, present and future posts
  • Message chat functionality integration
  • Users can send messages to even offline friends
  • Social media channel integration
  • Users can import the other social media posts to this app
  • Users can view which users have liked or shared the post
  • FamilySearch integration enables people to connect with the heritage
  • Users can access and import their ancestor’s name, date and location
  • Customers can rate and share the post from the home page itself
  • Posts get automatically loaded when users scroll down with scroll pagination implementation


  • Implementing the unique timeline functionality was backbreaking because the client wanted us to build it in such a way that when the user will click on at any point on the timeline, on the spur of the moment, all the posts have to be displayed at speed. Loading and displaying the 20 posts horizontally in the real-time was made possible with AJAX based pagination customization and lazy loading.

  • Advanced search functionality implementation where multiple search results by name, brag, company name and tag can be displayed was a daunting task. With elastic search integration, a single search box can display the results by name, brag, company name and tag.

  • The client wanted us to enable the users to create and share the post that may contain at most 20 images, or videos and the automatic removal of the HTML or embedded URL. Also, the inclusion of images or videos should not impact the performance. It was made possible using JS libraries and lazy loading libraries, and adding an Amazon CDM cloud front.

  • The post importing from different social media channels was quite a task. As, every social media channel provides its API that has certain limitations, and to display the posts of different social channels on the single platform in a unified way was a difficult job. By creating logics and using best algorithms, all the posts that are imported from varied channels can be displayed on the platform in the same way.


  • Old updated posts can be easily accessed in the future
  • Timeline section provides a personal legacy to the users
  • Businesses’ achievements and goals visibility get improved
  • Businesses can promote the services with a great ease
  • Making a journal of the life events would become a fun
  • Getting ancestors’ information is a few clicks away
  • Advanced search improves the user experience