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Advanced Event Management App

The mobile application saves organizers' time and maximizes attendee engagement & networking. Event organizers can host mega events with a few clicks, whereas attendees can book tickets for different occasions effortlessly. After buying the tickets, the user can enter the event venue by showing his profile's QR Code at the entrance. The application also lets users follow other registered individuals and get notifications of events that their followers are planning to attend.
Platform/OS Web, Mobile
Category eCommerce, Retail


The app has eliminated most of the practical loopholes present in the event planning process. Users can host conferences, expos, trade shows, community events, and much more. Attendees can check-in to these events by scanning their virtual tickets, which will reduce the wastage of paper by nearly 70%. With such exceptional features, the solution is all set to become an award-winning app in the near future.

Case Study


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