Who Can Offer Better PHP Web Development Services – PHP Development Company or A Freelancer?

In order to survive in today’s competitive world, every business requires a fully functional and dedicated website. A website that gives the first impression about the organization to the clients and that allows for easy navigation, product browsing options and also easy payment in case its ecommerce platform. Hence, you will require experts to work on your web development project and even before that, you would have to decide on the platform for your website. It would depend on your project, however, but still, with the help of experts, you may go for it. If you are looking to build a dynamic or ecommerce website for your company at minimum possible expenses, then going for PHP would be a great option as PHP web development is in demand these days for dynamic website development and moreover the costs of development are also low with PHP. There are two things you can do to hire PHP web development services – either go for the dedicated web development PHP services of a firm or hire freelancers for the job.

PHP Web Development

There are different factors that you may consider while deciding between the company and freelancers for the PHP web development services.

Expertise & A Complete PHP Development Solution:

While going for PHP services, you need to consider the level of expertise your web developers have in custom software development. After all, PHP development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, better would be to go with a dedicated PHP development company who will an expert PHP developers’ team to work on your project. A dedicated firm would have in-house web designers, developers and also SEO team in many cases to provide you with a full range of services you require to develop your website from scratch and promote it in search engines. While, on the other hand, you cannot expect a freelancer to be expert in all the fields of development including designing and SEO or digital marketing services as well.


It is very much possible that a PHP development company would have worked for a number of clients having different requirements and on a wide range of projects related to different sectors, especially if the firm is well established. Hence, you can expect that getting PHP services from a firm would be much better than freelancers who will have considerably lesser work experience and exposure. You can, therefore, cannot completely rely on the services of a freelancer who may not have worked earlier on a similar kind of project as yours. But with a company that would offer similar services to the clients earlier, you can definitely cross-check about its early services to know about the quality of web development services it provides. Hence, reliability can increase in the case of a web development company.


A PHP development company can offer you post-launch support services to meet all your queries and requirements even after the website is developed. The firm would have experts to deal with issues arising after the project is delivered. Hence, you will be sure of getting help from the team even after the development phase for a period of time as would be promised by it. This would not be the case when you opt for freelance services.

Communication & Transparency in Services:

A web development company would have a proper organizational and workflow structure and can provide you with timely updates of your project. Communication for any specific requirement of your project would become much easier when you are dealing with a web development firm. The communication with freelancers would be completely different from this and may not offer that level of transparency as with the firm.

Hence, keeping in mind all the above factors one can clearly decide on a PHP development company with dedicated professionals for PHP application development services rather than freelancers.