Beware of These Errors to Ensure Efficient CakePHP Development


CakePHP development provides excellent flexibility and easiness to the developers for making competitive web solutions. The reason is the number of interesting and immensely valuable features that this open-source PHP platform supports for rapid net web development. These include features like support for multiple platforms and servers, code reusability, better security, XML support, support for databases like MySQL and Oracle and various plug-ins to use.

CakePHP Development

With this open-source PHP framework, developers can easily create highly scalable and secure web solutions for different needs of enterprises. Today, CakePHP caters to the web development needs in different sectors including real estate, health care, logistics, telecom, banking, utilities and many more. The reason for this is the exclusive list of features it supports for thorough web development. Not only development, but even up-gradation of the CakePHP based website is also easier as it supports a number of plug-ins and extensions for the purpose. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that CakePHP is one of the best platforms for efficient, easy and rapid web development, but, development with this PHP framework also needs a little attention so that the most common errors or mistakes can be avoided for the efficient web development.

This blog will give developers an idea of what kind of mistakes even professional developers make sometimes during CakePHP web development.

1. Standards are Always Important

It is seen that usually the professionals tend to ignore the coding standards. They stick to the old coding standards while ignoring the latest ones. This may affect the efficiency of the web solution developed and hence, it is always advisable to use only the latest industry coding standards to ensure better web development by Magento web developers.

2. Avoid Complicate Design – Make it Simple for the Readers or Prospects

Make sure not to complicate your website design. Integrate easy navigation features and organize your web content neatly. Never confuse your prospects with complicated designs or irrelevant content on your website as this will increase the bounce rate for your website. PHP’s WordPress development framework is the great tool to build website by avoiding complex design.

3. Avoid Stuffing Features

Analyze your project before putting your hands on it. Understand the requirements of the project initially and only then start up the development process ensuring that you are integrating only the required features into it. The unnecessary features may take extra loading time and hence, may result in poor performance of your website. Only include the features which you think will be of use for your prospects and which could make your website run smoothly and more effectively.

4. Testing and QA are Important as Well

Never ignore testing to ensure the quality of the web solution developed. Every human makes mistakes and hence, never be overconfident to think that your web solution will be free of errors. Go for the testing process and subject your web solution to the series of tests to find out if there are any flaws in it and if any of them are found, make sure to rectify them as soon as possible.

5. Never Ignore the Search Engine Friendliness of Your Website

It is the best practice to incorporate search engine friendly php web development strategies to ensure that the website you are developing gains better visibility in SERPs of the top search engines.

The above-stated mistakes can hinder the performance of the developed web solutions and hence, should be kept in mind and avoided during the development process.

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