Digital Portfolio Makes You Nothing Less Than a Brand! Read on to Know How…

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  • Published On August 31, 2018

  • Updated On June 12, 2024

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Ever heard about digital portfolio?

You might be thinking it has something to do with the glamour industry, right?

Sorry, but you are mistaken!

Digital portfolios will soon replace the need of traditional CVs or academic grade sheets. So, they’re basically a collection of an individual’s learning progress, achievements, accolades, etc. in an electronic form.

Getting the hang of it?

Well, let’s explore in depth what your digital portfolio tells the world about you and how you can use it for your own good.

Your Story in Your Words –

Unlike professional CVs, a digital portfolio is much more than enlisting your professional experiences on a piece of paper. It’s like a complete biography of yourself that can include your innocent childhood, adventurous teenage, exciting hobbies, and other interesting stuff. And all this with a creative touch!

Reflects Your Capabilities –

Modern hiring managers look at your CV not to hire you, but to get you out of the race!


This is because they want to know your capabilities, not your qualifications. In the corporate world, work speaks and not those figures.

Digital portfolios provide you the opportunity to curate your content and present it in a brilliant manner. This will give an insight into your workmanship and also hidden talents.

All your internships, projects, and those part-time jobs can be described and it creates quite a good impression on the recruiter’s mind.

Personality Redefined!

When you venture out of your comfort zone (that is, your home) as a mature individual, the world judges you based on different viewpoints. Having a bundle of certificates on your side is not enough! What matters is your nature as a human being.

Social extension activities taken up by you or working for a noble cause can be a part of the portfolio. This shows that you are socially active and can connect well with the people around you.

If you are a student, extra-curricular activities make for good stuff. It will help your parents and teachers understand the true potential within you. Also, it will expose your flaws so that it can be corrected at an early stage.

Get Real Time Feedback –

Creating a digital portfolio and updating it regularly will give your mentors a clear insight into your progress as a learner. Not only that, as the portfolio is live on the web it helps to foster interactions with the international community as well, thus boosting your level of knowledge.

An Ocean of Opportunities!

Having a digital presence exposes you to infinite innovative ideas and opportunities no matter what is your academic background. Take for instance, if you are a science student aspiring for higher studies, it might help you get a scholarship at one of those top-notch universities! Or who knows you might revolutionize an innovative idea.

Digital portfolio is of great help to build your brand image. It is worth your time and efforts.

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to start with. There are people to help you out! So get going.

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