How To Achieve An Effective Risk Assessment?

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  • Published OnJuly 10, 2018

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

What does risk assessment provide? Before starting on any project some project manager prefers doing the risk assessment. The project risk analysis requires skilled personnel, effort and in addition to this a good risk assessment software. Does risk assessment has any impact on the project duration, cost reduction, resource allocation? Let’s access the impact of doing a risk assessment before a project is taken off.


After going through the work of many clients and different industries one can easily conclude that on an average 30% of the projects gets delayed in all big companies. The reason for the possible delays are the risks and uncertainties associated with the projects which were not evaluated at the starting of the project.

It involves mainly risk mitigation planning that includes-

  • Risk prioritization, what needs to be taken care of first.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of the mitigation plans.
  • Analysing risks as part of project control.

A project risk assessment software has all the required functionalities for the qualitative assessment of the risk.

The most important part is risk identification. Taking account of all the possible events that can occur during the project development and create a negative impact on it, is a must.

So, now that you understand how important it is to identify the risks that can threaten the successful completion of your otherwise strategically planned projects.

You’re certainly a wearer of many hats but still, you can use a helping hand.

A project risk assessment software can help you a great deal in doing this. There are different tools available to help you start with the project risk assessment. All the while ensuring the time cost and quality of the project in hand is maintained.

The step by step process of doing this is-

Step 1: Project Risk Assessment- It’s helpful to formalize project risk assessment. Doing this will reduce the project management tasks by more than 30%.

Step 2: Project Risk Analysis- The role of risk managers is very important in helping the project managers to analyse the root cause. If the root cause will be unidentified the project failure is inevitable. In the lack of awareness of the root cause, you will not be able to take the required action.

Step 3: Prioritize- All risks are not of the same magnitude so they require a different level of management. If you give equal attention to every risk you will be wasting your time. So prioritizing them will help.

Step 4: Business Process Improvement- The structure offered by the risk assessment offers clarity to the project managers that who will be held responsible for any specific risk that can happen in the project.

Step 5: Project Risk Management Software- Project risk management software helps in the final steps of handling the risks. This software helps project managers focussing on what is important and matters the most.

If before starting any project one does risk assessment it will be easier to plan for the possible setbacks in advance and hence tackle the issue faster and effectively when such issues happen you will be ready to deal with them.

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