Exploring the Power-Packed Expected Features of Odoo 17 Enterprise Edition

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It is expected that Odoo 17 will be out in October of 2023 during the Odoo Experience 2023 conference. 

Though the formal release of Odoo 17 is still a few months away, interest among Users, Partners, and developers is quickly gaining momentum as more and more first glances and insights about the next version emerge. 

Exploring the Power-Packed Expected Features of Odoo 17 Enterprise Edition

In the following article, we’ll look at the most recent details we learned about Odoo 17 at the Odoo Partner Day and compare them to what’s already out there in the form of rumors and speculation on social media. Get ready to learn what new and improved features this update will bring.

What are some of Odoo 17’s new and expected features?

Each year during the annual Odoo Experience event, the most recent version of Odoo development is unveiled. Odoo v16 was introduced at the Odoo Event on October 22 last year. At the 2023 Odoo Experience event, Odoo v17 is expected to be launched. This gathering will occur in Belgium from November 8-10, 2023.

The key advantage of Odoo 17 is a more pleasant working experience, thanks to enhanced performance, accessibility, and data analysis and management.

Here is what you can expect to see in Odoo v17.

Radical UI redesign – Say hello to Odoo’s new face!

Say hello to Odoo's new face!

In an effort to better serve its users, Odoo 17 will have a revamped user interface with updated graphics and a more contemporary color palette. This new design is more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use. In addition, the Odoo Home screen may now be customized by the user by dragging and dropping applications into a new location.

Odoo 17’s Milk Theme Introduces a New Consolidated Search Interface

Odoo 17's Milk Theme Introduces a New Consolidated Search Interface

Odoo 17’s new Milk Theme, which includes an improved Search View, is another cutting-edge UI update. The search procedure is now more user-friendly and efficient as the Search tab has been moved to the center of the page, and the “Filter,” “Group by,” and “Favorites” menu items have been combined. This method ensures minimal time wastage and boosts output by consolidating commonly used search features into a single location.

Adding goods to the sales order may be possible from the catalog(kanban) view in Odoo17. Thanks to the updated catalog view, you can choose goods, edit the quantity, and revise your sales order in real time.

Point-of-Sale: Easy Mobile Ordering and Payment.

Self-service ordering using tablets and mobile phones may improve the customer service experience. Customers may easily place orders and make payments using QR codes.

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Point-of-Sale: Kitchen Screen for Preparation Advertising!

Odoo 17 brings a new and exciting element: the Kitchen Screen for POS. The system’s real-time feed eliminates the need for reloading, and its touchscreen interface, adaptable stages, and speedy filters all contribute to better order management. The ability to set up custom views and folders means that groups of workers may more readily coordinate their efforts. The greatest aspect is that you don’t need any special gear since it can be used with any screen. Simply choose POS > Order > Preparation Display to demonstrate its features. 

However, the top section does not yet show the order number, which is necessary so clients may be contacted when their product is available.  It is still anticipated that Odoo will include this function before the full product launch.

Appointments: Timely Space and Facility Reservations

Make the most of available assets and let guests reserve amenities like tennis courts, conference rooms, and table service in advance.


Improved Teamwork with Instantaneous Access to Updated Spreadsheet Views.

Snapshot your spreadsheets and send them to your team for improved communication and shared understanding.

Freeze rows

Odoo 17 has a feature that fixes column headings so that users can see them even as they scroll through massive volumes of data. It can move popups and popup wizards across the screen. 

Odoo 17 now supports product-level forecast reports for reservations and cancellations.

Modifications to the #odoo17 inventory app development will be subtle but significant. The earlier version, which allowed for manual reservations, was superior.

The ability to control the reserve and release of individual items or products is a major new feature in Odoo17. We are unable to release a single delivery reservation at this time. In Odoov17, however, we can reserve or release inventory from bulk delivery orders directly from the product forecast page.

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This will provide the warehouse manager some leeway to prioritize orders without disrupting the overall order to unreserve a subset of quantities or individual products.

The reserved or unreserved quantities of a product in the forecast report only influence that product and not the overall operation.

You may now reserve particular amounts and edit previously reserved quantities.

Promotional offers should be shown in the shopping cart

Customers will soon be able to view the discount code at the final checkout stage and easily enter it with a single click, thanks to a new feature introduced in #odoo.

Odoo 17 allows for the addition of multiple RTOs

Assigning many accountable time off officers to a given time off type is possible.

Odoo17’s PDF CV-Resume Printing Function

Odoo17’s Employee profile now has a neat print CV/Resume option. Also, create a PDF resume utilizing the data from the employment record with just a single click.

Odoo 17’s Timesheet Grid View makes it easy to see whether you’re over or under budget.

The #odoo17 grid format of the timesheets allows you to see any overtime or missing hours on a single screen every day.

Amazing New Function Coming to #odoo17

  • Make a Bill in Excel Based on the Files You Upload
  • Use the ‘Create a cost’ button to have a cost created mechanically based on the contents of a given file.
  • The #odoo OCR – AI base algorithm reads the uploaded bill or invoice and creates an Expenses item in the Expenses module. The paper was also sent as an Expenses attachment.

Odoo Barcode App Force Removal Strategy for Removing the Fewest Number of Packages in Version 17

Odoo17 Minimum package removal as the new force removal technique #Odoo’s new “Least Packages” elimination approach is adjustable through Product Category settings. With this new tactic, the need to reserve amounts in two packs will be eliminated when just one bigger pack is needed to meet the demand.

In this video, you’ll see how simple it is to make a reservation and transfer the whole package with the help of back-end procedures or a barcode scan.

Updates to the Odoo V17 Project Management Software

Updates to the Odoo V17 Project Management Software

The following enhancements to the #projectmanagement app will be available in Odoo 17:

  1. Updated Task Status – Revisions Requested In addition to the standard task statuses of Completed, Canceled, In Progress, and Approved, the additional state “Changes Requested” will be available.
  2. Get a Dependency Alert in the Kanban Board View – The Kanban board allows you to see the related tasks and determine whether one job is blocking another.
  3. Kanban task configuration (no form view opening) – Rather than accessing the form view after adding a new job to the Kanban board, you may utilize shortcuts to quickly define it with information like tags, users, hours, and priority.
  4. Generate New on Completion of the previous job – Indicated as in this video, makes it easy to create repeating tasks.

Odoo v17 – Fully Integrated Inventory Management with a Brand-New Cost of Production Account

Odoo users and consultants have long wished for a “cost of goods sold” account. #odoo v17 will finally put an end to the wait.

Automatic stock valuation has been updated in Odoo v17, and a new “Cost of Production” setting has been included. As a component of the Cost of Production account ledger, this will provide transparent stock movement and valuation from raw material consumption to finished products stock value.

Learn what to expect and how to use this new feature in Odoo17 with the aid of this video.

A new default app called “To-Do’s,” where users may keep tabs on their tasks, is expected to be released with Odoo 17. This one has replaced the ‘Note’ module. With one click, your list of things to do becomes a list of tasks.

Some of the expected features of Odoo 17 include those listed above. However, during the yearly Odoo experience event, the confirmed features will be made public. Wait till Odoo Experience 2023, then. 

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Work with our team of specialists!

Odoo 17 will include several useful enhancements and new capabilities. This edition can completely revolutionize how companies are run thanks to its updated user interface and expanded functionality across various modules.

You’re interested in learning more about what Odoo can achieve for your company. Speak with our knowledgeable staff now! They can tailor their advice and assistance to the unique requirements of your project. Contact our team now to begin a discussion that will transform your company into the future with Odoo 17.

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