Why is Odoo ERP A Perfect Fit for Your Business?

Talking About Why is Odoo ERP A Perfect Fit for Your Business? You might be running here and there to hunt individual software solutions or applications for your organization’s sales, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, finance management, etc. Firms do go for development of in-house ERP but the implementation of this idea needs a lot of time and investments. Another alternative can be to go for third party ERP solutions but again this will increase firm’s budget. After going through all left and right turns one application can be proven best fit for your organization which will cut down unnecessary time & investment consumption: Odoo ERP or OpenERP.

Why is Odoo ERP A Perfect Fit for Your Business

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

There are various ERP solutions available in the market like QuickBooks for accounting, SalesForce for CRM, Infor HCM, etc. Often these solutions are not able to communicate with each other and due to this list of complex errors rises especially when data migration comes in picture. Odoo ERP caters all functionalities and modules under one software system.

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Talking About Why is Odoo ERP A Perfect Fit for Your Business? Below are reasons to why you should opt Odoo ERP,

  • Optimal User Interface: As ERPs are crafted to solve complex problems sometimes their interfaces tend to be tuff in using. But Odoo ERP provides simple to navigate UI, that lets users use smoothly all modules.
  • Enhancing Features: Odoo ERP is a suite that comprises of 1000+ modules.  And this count is not just for show but its actual implementation definitely upsurges organization’s productivity. Each and every module is built exclusively for specific task solving.  These modules are robust and they carry out task assessments carefully.
  • Modular Platform: You name a module and you get. Odoo ERP is like a huge store that provides distinct modules. As per your business requirements and its workflow you can choose and integrate any. Initially, you can start implementing primary modules and gradually with workflow advancement you can expand module usage.
  • Flexible: As per your business needs you can mold suite’s modules. It supports all kind of changes that are essential for businesses. Latest shifts and adaptability stamps Odoo ERP as best logistics ERP solution.
  • Minimization of manual & repetitive operations: Manual data management and processes are open to human errors as well as these processes implementation is time-consuming when the task is a bigger one.  Odoo ERP automates tasks and this reduces error and utilization of manual resources.
  • Central store to access information: It’s kind of havoc when sales department uses a specific suite for their tasks, finance department uses some another, marketing department opts something different. Hence, all these scattered utilization often lead to rising of complex problems. Odoo ERP makes all information accessible on the single centralized unit and every department can have access to it.
  • Better Business Decisions Making: Accurate details related to complex functionalities helps in analyzing crucial data. With Odoo ERP’s varied modules, users can access precise data related to sales, marketing, purchases, etc. They can generate reports related to any module and according to its specified statistics, they will be able to make better business decisions.
  • No License Fee: It is open source software as well as there is no Lock-in, meaning entire version is available free of cost. Odoo is timely updated as there is a large community of developers working with enterprise resource planning platform. Coders can customize and enhance Odoo as per their needs.  This also provides quick bug fixing.

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