Hiren Raval

Head of eCommerce and ERP

8 Years of Brilliance at Brainvire

About Hiren Raval

With a Masters in Computer Applications and relevant industry experience, I stepped into Brainvire as the Project Manager. Initially, I had to manage only 50 team members and direct them through different project levels. However, the team expanded with time, and I worked closely with customers, visited international clients at their locations, and managed projects completely.

Later on, I was promoted to the Department head post and managed team, bespoke solution, and mobility projects. As a Department Head, I focus on not only project success but also personal growth. Therefore, I try to collaborate personal growth with projects as it leads to better capabilities.

eCommerce is an emerging realm, and hence we prefer consulting clients rather than simply implementing solutions. Our consultation helps them leverage technology for business purposes optimally.

My inquisitive nature helps me to stay updated with changes. I also prefer watching motivational videos to keep my mind clear, and that is how I started reading Bhagavad-Gita.

That is all about me!

But, if you wish to discover more about eCommerce or any of its solutions, then you can find me here. 

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