Top 20 Android App Development Trends in 2021 that Shouldn’t be Missed

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Top 20 Android App Development Trends in 2021 that Shouldn't be Missed

Android apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant increase in demand for specific app categories. Users and android app developers both struck gold in this scenario. Along the way, new trends in android app development began to emerge and materialize. More users will undoubtedly join, contributing to Android’s 85 percent smartphone OS market share. In 2021, many new and innovative android app development trends will emerge, simplifying our lives.

To make the most of android app development services, you should gain a better understanding of the most recent Android app development trends. So, let’s dive into the latest Android app development trends!

Android Instant Apps

Won’t you appreciate it if you could use apps without having to download and install them? 

Google Play Instant allows you to try out an app without having to install it first. Not only do they not require installation, but they are also smaller in size. As a result, regardless of hardware or storage capabilities, they are faster than regular apps. Since comparatively, instant app development is simpler, it will benefit the app developers in a great way. The cost of developing an instant app is also very less.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain provided us with a sneak peek of its offerings in the form of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Blockchain provides complete security for all of our sensitive data. Nobody has access to our transactions, data exchanges, or documents. It is by far the best cybersecurity solution.

About 84% of companies are engaged in Blockchain technologies globally. This revolutionary technology will remain useful for enhancing security in the apps for various sectors like real estate, healthcare, and retail in the coming future.

Predictive Analysis

Collection of data and insights that an android app provides enable brands to provide valuable services to their customers.

Thus, predictive analysis, along with machine learning and data mining, will be a major trend. To forecast future events, this trend employs statistics, AI and ML, and data mining. And these predictions contribute to a better user experience. App developers can optimize their applications using predictive algorithms, resulting in higher quality and improved performance. It aids in improving customer retention and increasing ROI.


Today, everyone is using android apps to increase their revenue and ROI. Mobile commerce is on track to control roughly 73 percent of the global e-commerce market. 

Application designers use AI to create clever computerized wallet applications for automating the client’s repeating installments. The preference for m-commerce shopping is expected to continue in the coming years. To stay competitive in the future, the e-commerce industry must be aware of such android app development trends.

Smartphone Wallets

Smartphone wallets are quickly gaining popularity among users. We no longer need to pay in cash or enter our account details each time we do a transaction.

Online payment solutions via mobile wallets are extremely safe, quick, and convenient. Smartphone wallets can be integrated into e-commerce apps by the android app development company, or separate wallet apps with desired features and excellent functionality can be built. Several businesses have decided to opt for smartphone wallets to improve their business experience. It lessens human endeavors by providing improved support for safe and simple monetary exchanges.

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Machine Learning and AI

AI app development enables businesses to reap the benefits of thriving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. AI models can easily augment standard procedures and automate a variety of business processes. 

Combining AI and ML can be extremely beneficial in learning the development process from previous data, detecting problems, and fixing them in real-time. It can even learn our entire behaviours and actions from our regular usage patterns and execute necessary actions without any instructions. This is extremely effective in the development of eCommerce apps. 


Chatbots will be in high demand. After all, chatbots are transforming the way businesses interact with customers and solve problems. Several industries, including on-demand services like food delivery, eCommerce, and retail, are embracing Chatbot development.

Chatbots are also changing the way businesses interact with customers through mobile phones. Chatbots enable android app services to respond to customers’ requests quickly. Food delivery services, transportation services, and online shopping are among the requests.


Application Performance Management (APM) is an enterprise android app development component that aims to improve an Android app’s speed. Because of the rapid growth of mobile app development, there is a greater expectation of the quality of mobile apps. Its goal is to ensure not only the security and safety of apps but also to enable efficient data exchange between mobile devices.

Beacon Technology

According to the most recent patterns in the application trend, beacon technology will advance. Technology is the primary application pattern that the hotel, gallery, and museum industries have completely grasped, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The trend’s best feature is that the client can quickly become accustomed to its utility. Beacons are small, remote transmitters that send signals to nearby devices via Bluetooth low-vitality technology.

5G Technology

5G innovation is much faster than 4G networks, even faster than your creative mind. 5G innovation has arrived at the pinnacle of information transmission, with 1.4 billion cell phones worldwide, a speed of 100 Gbps, and high radio recurrence. 

Finally, the use of 5G will enable engineers to add new highlights to applications without affecting the presentation of the application.

Updated IoT Development

Just when we thought the internet couldn’t control our bedrooms and kitchens, the Internet of Things arrives! In the future, we will be able to control almost everything by using IoT systems, not just our homes or offices.

Businesses are rapidly shifting their focus to improving human endeavours and automating business tasks. Investing in IoT Android application development becomes simple for entrepreneurs to profit from. IoT devices are useful for both personal and commercial purposes. Carefully connected gadgets can be managed remotely thanks to the implementation of AI and voice devices.

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a collection of libraries, tools, and documentation that enables developers to quickly create high-quality apps. These components enable you to follow best practices, eliminate boilerplate code, and simplify complex tasks so you can focus on the system you care about. Android Jetpack combines all existing support libraries, architectures, and structures to address major issues such as app management and backward compatibility.

Kotline Multi Platform

Currently, Kotlin offers developers a fantastic feature: Multi-platform projects that can be used in place of Flutter. It is currently an experimental feature available in Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3, but it is expected to become extremely popular in the coming years.

Kotlin aspires to allow code to be shared across platforms. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, JavaScript, JVM, iOS, Android, and embedded systems such as STM32. It expedites the development process and frees up valuable time for the team to devote to more difficult tasks.

On-demand apps

On-demand apps have become an absolute necessity. They quickly fulfill all of our requests through apps. 

On-demand apps come in many forms like grocery delivery apps, taxi apps, food delivery apps, and so on. They can assess the locations of users and provide the needed services.  Almost every app development company has shifted its focus to on-demand apps. 

Motion Layout

MotionLayout is the way forward if you want to bridge the gap between layout transitions and complex motion. MotionLayout assists in the management of motion and widget animation in your app. It includes features from the property animation framework, TransitionManager, and CoordinatorLayout.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

No industry can afford to keep a strategic distance from AR and VR applications. It is a focus required for a business visionary to amplify your organization’s deals and income.

AR and VR Development Services are being used by businesses such as medical care, retail, training, and travel to improve client experience and revenue. More and more businesses are attempting to incorporate enhanced reality into their versatile innovation. This will help them with brand mindfulness, app downloads, commitment, and income.


Not a new app development trend, but the one that will always be important and necessitate ongoing efforts. Security should always be prioritized in the development of apps.

Our data is at risk due to large-scale exposure to the integration of features such as AI, AR, and VR. Security should be among the most important factors to consider when developing apps. The rise in cyber threats, data leaks, and malicious attacks over the last year is the result of security lapses. The app developers should prioritize selecting the best algorithm, implementing encryption standards, and creating antivirus software. End-users should also be trained to recognize and manage security threats.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

With an ever-increasing number of people shifting their attention to versatile applications, the future of AMP appears promising. This pattern has received a great deal of attention. AMP is used in web applications, and as a result, it has provided them with the ability to stack faster and concerning execution.

Google query items are the most notable example of AMP. They have included AMP posting in the mobile search, which will assist engineers in reducing heap time. With a higher AMP score, the client would have the option to show signs of improvement rating, which would result in better transformation rates and results, highest client retention, and a lower skip rate.

Cloud integration

Cloud technology continues to astound us with its seemingly limitless benefits and possibilities. What began as a hosting service has expanded beyond its original applications.

Android apps that are cloud-integrated run directly on the cloud. This relieves pressure on our smartphone’s internal memory. So we don’t have to worry about our phones crashing while we’re using these apps. Cloud integration benefits both users and app developers. It makes it easier for developers to create an app by making development easier and faster, as well as saving money.

Wearable apps

With the growing emphasis on wearable devices such as smartwatches, the demand for Wearable App Development Services has skyrocketed. It, like other applications, makes use of the Android SDK but has exceptional design and functionality. Hiring a Wearable App Development Company, such as CDN solutions group, can provide you with the key administrations you require. Wearable mobile applications support smartwatches and provide access to equipment such as GPUs and sensors.

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Concluding Lines

What the future holds for the app development industry is very exciting. Developing an app is now easier than ever. With the arrival of 5G technology and innovative app development trends, everything will be a hundred times better, faster, and simpler. The time has come to create a feature-rich and user-friendly Android app to help your business grow and generate a high ROI over time.

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