5 Ways To Upsurge M-Commerce App Downloads

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  • Published On June 29, 2016

  • Updated On June 10, 2024

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5 Ways To Upsurge M-Commerce App Downloads

For retailers, selling to the customers where they spend most of the time is the way to get in the fast lane.

It’s the universal truth that needs no explanation!

And, retailers are making most out of it using the same strategy.

Firstly, they turn to online retailing to get the major traction of technology savvy customers. Now, they are making their move to Mobile commerce. Yes. Presently, customers need everything to get available at fingertips and at least inconvenience.

Understanding the trend, akin to Ecommerce stores, thousands of retailers made their way to mobile.

It signify, the M-commerce market has also become crowded.

How your M-commerce app will distinguish itself? How your mobile presence word will get out? What will make your M-commerce app so appealing that customers will download it? And, blah blah…

So we have combined our mobile app development and marketing research, and come up with impressive facts employing which can help your app create first place in the customer’s mind and app store as well with huge downloads.

Practice these tactics to make your M-commerce app download score go higher and higher:

1) Pre-plan the launch campaign

It’s advised to spread the word about the app before its planned launch date. When you inform the customers about an app before its launch, they will be more curious about it and will be eagered to download it. Before launch, you must ensure that app is bug-free and that can be done by letting beta testers to try it for some time to check its user-friendliness and know where the app crashes. Also, make the app pre-approved by the app store by submitting it in advance.

2) Optimization over app store

The way app is uploaded onto the app store has direct impact on its number of downloads, which starts with app name that has to be unique and attractive. Second, the app description must contain certain keywords that are highly used to search the app of such category. Rating and reviews would help in getting app a higher rank, so this can be started with beta testers where they can share the feedback and give ratings to the app. App screenshots inclusion is also an important aspect that may trigger more downloads.

3) Groom it for Google research

Alongside getting higher rank on the app store, getting higher rank in Google search results is equally important. You should create a web page for your app where the app name and brand name must be included in the URL. Also, don’t forget to link this page with your main website as backlinks improve web page SERP. To point the user to download the app through link, you should use the anchor text having brand name as keyword.

4) Improve social engagement

The large use of social media can help in making the app launch news viral, improve the user engagement and certainly the app downloads will heighten. Initially, app owner can start sharing it on their own social media profiles. Additionally, to spread the information beyond your network, advertising on social channels is a good alternative.

5) Avail the existing website

Placing a banner on the home page about application can let the website visitor know about the app and amazing experience the app will deliver. This may drive more traffic to the app web page and number of downloads can also increase.

There is no rocket science behind increasing the app download, but it’s also not as easy. Going ahead in a planned way can help owner to tune up with success by bringing a lots of app downloads. Before you launch your app, it’s good to consider certain key points and tactics so that your app will top the charts in app store and Google search engine results ranking at first day.

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