Maharshi Pancholi

Head, Mobility | Salesforce | Digital Transformation

Innovation is a mindset and not a skill set

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Hi, I am Maharshi and an integral part of Brainvire. My educational qualifications include B.E. in Computer Engineering, MBA in Finance, and a post-graduation in Data Science from IIM Ahmedabad. I have strategic responsibility for integrating Brainvire’s services to tackle and solve our clients’ most complex problems. I focus on bringing continuous innovation to clients, attracting and retaining top talent, and strengthening Brainvire’s impact on the local communities. 

Majorly, I have handled delivery or client management roles, either acquiring/retaining clients and delivering the excellence that we are asked for. I have always been associated with IT across multiple domains such as retail, automobile, education, healthcare, BSFI, and others. Each industry offers me an adventurous learning curve to generate the best business outcomes and meet customer expectations. Each project is a new experience, and our customers' feedback helps us improve our approach. 

My daily to-do list also involves training, nurturing, and managing 200+ Brainers and helping customers grow. 

It gives me immense pleasure to impart my knowledge. This is one key reason why I am associated with children NGOs to shape their future. I also assist startups with suitable business approaches. That’s about me! To know more about business ideas and strategies, feel free to contact me.

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