Top 5 Features That Hospitals Should include In The Mobile App

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  • Published OnMay 14, 2016

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

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The pace of change is quickened and so is the hospital needs. With technology advancement, mobile apps are making significant changes in the hospital from the way doctors diagnose to nurses’ interaction to the patients cured. The mobile applications makes the perfect sense for hospitals to streamline healthcare operations, engage patients, empower healthcare practices, and manage staff. Also, the mobile apps are cost savvy.

Top 5 Features That Hospitals Should include In The Mobile App

It’s certain that getting a mobile app for hospital is the best choice. How about the features that need to be present in a mobile app that build dedicatedly for hospitals? Many hospitals begin mobile app development without making any research and brainstorming, and finally forget to include some important features.

Here, we have outlined some features that hospitals should include in the mobile app:

1) Making Health Records Easily Accessible:

Before prescribing the treatment to the patients, doctors need to sift through the previous health documents of the patients. Also, collecting, referring and getting a value out of the pile of documents is extremely taxing and takes a long time.

When the health records becomes available on the mobile app, patients are not required to bring those documents and physicians can access them in a secured manner and then prescribe the treatment. Also, there will be no need to store the heap of files in the hospital, when everything gets available online.

2) Assigning Duties to the Staff on Mobile:

The hospital with many wards generally have number of physicians, surgeons and nurses who are assigned duties to visit and cure the patients. In case of emergency, the duties are shuffled and that has to be managed in a very crucial way. Plus, informing the doctors or knowing their availability in real-time is difficult to accomplish.

When hospital staff is powered up with mobile apps, duty allotment process get streamlined, work status of staff could be easily known and intended staff person is immediately informed, if any changes are made in their duty.

3) Optimize Hospital Operations and Workflow:

Hospitals have big number of assets to manage every day. The stock of medicines, injections, operational instruments, stretchers, and other equipment have to be managed in the best way. The admin staff need to manually check and update the stock inventory so that the items in low stock or not in the stock could be purchased. Plus, the information about beds, room, operation theatres and ICUs availability alongside date and time must be known in advance. Traditional management of all the tasks make the work of admin staff challenging, time consuming and complex.

When the hospital stock inventory or rooms’ availability info is accessible on the mobile app, the admin staff can easily manage it. Also, the staff will be notified with notifications when any item is in low or out of the stock, or which rooms are occupied and free for certain interval. This way no clashes would happen and hospital management goes smoothly.

4) Find Physician at Fingertips:

When patients can get the list of physicians working in the hospital, they can themselves browse the physicians’ profile and request for an appointment on mobile. The facility that hospital if provides to the patients on-the-go would strengthen physicians and patients relationship, and engage the patients.

5) Ease the Hospital Way Finding:

In big hospitals, getting a way to reach the doctor’s cabin or particular ward wastes a lot of patient’s time and sometimes, patients even missed the appointments. To let not this happen and assist the patients and visitors coming to the hospital, a mobile app that helps in indoor and outdoor navigation is great.

Using beacons and geo-fencing technology in mobile app development, visitors can easily get the directions to head to any area of the hospital.

Embracing mobile app tailored to the hospital needs is a great endeavor that leading hospitals are taking to efficiently manage the workflow, optimize the processes, manage staff smoothly and provide best treatment to the patients with an online pharmacy solution. Handy devices provides the best assistance to hospital staff, patients and management. And, what it all requires is the perfect execution of mobile app which works well for the entire hospital.

Take care of patient’s health with impeccable mobile app development!

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