Top 3 Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Mobile App

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  • Published On March 15, 2016

  • Updated On June 17, 2024

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Do you know the benefits of having a mobile app? Does your competitor have one? Are you planning to get one for your business? If the answers to all these questions are positive, you are on the right page at the right time. The primary advice is not to waste your time and money by building it on your own. In fact, you must hire the best mobile application development company to get it built from the professionals.

There are a lot of mobile app developers and every company uses different method to develop a mobile app. However, irrespective of the company you hire, there are certain mistakes that are commonly made by most mobile developers. These mistakes can cost you a lot! So, you must make sure that the developers you hire don’t make these mistakes while designing a mobile app for your business.

Here are some of the most common design mistakes in mobile application development…

1. Multiple Platforms:

Building your mobile app for multiple platforms at once is one of the biggest blunders you can make. There are multiple reasons for not building your app for multiple platforms like at the same time; reasons related to time, money and efforts. If you develop apps for Android as well as iOS, it will cost you double. Moreover, if something goes wrong and you need changes, you will have to waste your time and efforts in making modifications in both. By using full-stack development technology you can build an application once that supports web and mobile both.

Moreover, we live in a world full of competition, where hundreds of apps get submitted in Google Play store and Apple App store every day. So, building for one platform at a time will help you with lesser time to market and very beneficial to your mobile or ios app development company .

2. Less hit Area:

When it comes to call to actions or tapping on link, make sure you provide enough space to users, taking into the consideration the size of the fingers and thumb of human being. Make sure the hit area is huge enough so that people don’t click tap on multiple buttons or links at a time. So, make sure the hit area is big enough.

3. Late Marketing:

Most of the people think that marketing is the last step of the mobile app development process. So, they plan to promote their app after submitting it to the Play Store or App Store. However, this is one of the biggest misconceptions. You must start marketing your app at least a month before the launch date. You can use various marketing tactics; it can be email marketing, advertising and promoting on social media, to name a few. In short, you need to talk about your app and make it famous even before it gets launched.

Now that you are aware of some of the most commonly made mistakes in the mobile app design made by developers, it is advisable for you share this post with them so that they tend to avoid these above listed design blunders, so as to get an errorless mobile app for your business, which helps you attain business goals at the earliest.

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