2k18: Brainvire’s Annual Extravaganza Celebrated Amidst a Festive Fervour!

The Diwali of 2018 arrived with a complete package of achievements for Brainvire. To start with, it ventured into a new, high-tech workplace in India. Also, it bagged back-to-back illustrious projects from market leaders and expanded its operations to Kuwait and Canada. All of this, coupled together with one of our esteemed clients visiting the Ahmedabad office, set the mood for an extravagant annual gathering of employees.

The annual party was held at upscale venues in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Brainvire's CEO Mr. Chintan Shah and his wife, Mrs. Purvi Shah, played excellent hosts for the evening. Amazing event planners that they are, a game of 'Antakshari' was designed with a creative touch and a ramp walk was organised in Ahmedabad.

At Mumbai, the stage was set for enthralling performances by Brainvire's young talent that included a midget dance and a traditional 'garba'.

A dedicated workforce is the backbone of any organisation. As a token of appreciation, Brainvire presented certificates and a memento to employees who have been a part of its success story for 03 years and more.

Apart from that, it also had the privilege to host one of its clients, Mr. Nick Thomas, at the event. Employees were delighted to be a part of this happening along with their family.

Mr. Chintan Shah was quite elated on the occasion and shared his thoughts, "Brainvire has witnessed stupendous growth in recent times and continues to scale up the growth trajectory. Our recent business expansions in MENA region and Canada bear a testimony to this fact. Needless to say, this multi-folded growth would not have been possible without the unconditional support of our employees and their respective families. And, with our core values of customer-centricity, innovation, teamwork and integrity, we aim to build and nurture a digital ecosystem that would be instrumental in transforming the digital landscape on a global scale."

Brainvire's Glorious Journey as a Pioneer of Innovative IT Solutions -

It's a known fact that Brainvire has carved its niche in exploring disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, etc.

Here are the salient highlights of the current happenings in Brainvire, and its future business agenda –

  • Launched its flagship CRM product for e-commerce - Auro CRM
  • Designed a comprehensive profanity checking software for India's leading news daily through its cognitive intelligence product - eUnagi
  • Attended the 38th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai
  • Showcased the unique e-learning compliance (ELC) product Inknowledge at WCET, 2018
  • The popular B2B rating platform, CLUTCH, acknowledged Brainvire's contribution in the retail and finance sectors
  • Brainvire is on an expansion spree; with new operational hubs in Canada and the Middle East region, it has clear intentions to emerge as a global IT leader in the years to come

About Brainvire

Carrying over 18 years of experience, Brainvire has become the most trusted IT solution provider, globally. It proficiently offers a great value proposition and proffers clients a solution that enhances their ROI. Its areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, Blockchain Technology, Business Intelligence, Augmented Reality,  DevOps, etc.

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