Orthopedic-Approved Mobile App for Orthotic Footwear

October 19, 2021 Dallas, USA

Taking care of the feet is equally important as any other part of the body. Often, people seek consultation but avoid taking adequate measures such as wearing the right footwear size, purchasing orthotics as per their ankle and feet ailment, and others.

With today’s healthcare services, service providers are on the way to introduce the concept of retail health in the industry. An initiative where individuals have easy access to healthcare services within the tip of their fingers. They want to inculcate a habit of healthy living with a retail health solution that incorporates wellness naturally into an individual’s life. With the same belief, a leading healthcare company aimed to introduce these high-quality, healthy, and good-looking orthotics on a retail health platform. They reached out to Brainers to design a mobile application for the same.

Scalability, user-friendly design, data security, and smart integrations were key pain points while designing a cost-effective retail healthcare mobile application. To eliminate these, we included an advanced search filter so that users can quickly search for their desired footwear. Next, we have added a design where users can share their feet problems, and the application will share the perfect orthotic for them. Finally, the online consultation feature in the application allows users to analyze the ideal match based on their diagnoses.

Once users understand the footwear type, they have a series of stylish footwear to pick from based on their lifestyle. This AR-based application has a feature of virtual to get a glance of how good the footwear looks on their feet.

Next, users have to enter their shoe size and other payment and delivery details to place an order. However, at times, users end up ordering the wrong size. For this, our healthcare IT consultants have made a provision where users can change the shoe size even after placing an order but with a specific deadline to ensure timely delivery.

“Technology has the power to facilitate improved accessibility and simultaneously reduce the cost of healthcare. With the same aim, our developers used their expertise to develop a retail healthcare solution that provides better reach and financial growth to our client,” said Chintan Shah, CEO, Brainvire.

Users can visit physical orthotic stores aligned with the brand to check their exact shoe size or any other specific customizations required. We plan to install a similar application at all of the client’s physical stores so that users can quickly check their shoe sizes and place orders promptly.

We set the algorithm in the application to get timely notifications for new shoes, when is the right time to purchase a new pair, and others. In addition, we have hosted a loyalty program in the application so that dedicated users can earn benefits and save time and money on upcoming purchases.

This innovative orthotic mobile application is soon to enter the market.

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