Benefits of Building Mobile Web Applications with jQuery Mobile

With the increasing number of touch screen devices, the need for touch-friendly applications is also rising. In order to appeal and reach out to the maximum number of people, businesses today should look out for developing mobile-friendly and most importantly the touch-friendly web applications that are compatible with devices like smart phones, tablets tec., that are widely used. The jQuery Mobile is a great platform for development of such touch-friendly websites or mobile applications. By opting for jQuery mobile application development, businesses can ensure that their content can be viewed by an ever-increasing, diverse set of touch friendly, mobile devices.

The jQuery Mobile or jQM is a touch-optimized framework that allows users to work with their pre-built widgets and CSS code generation process in a much better, automated and simplified way. It’s a great feature that helps for streamlining the process of writing the mobile-friendly features that are most important on almost every mobile device.

There are quite good reasons for why one should go for jQuery mobile framework for mobile application development and they are as follows.

Compatibility with Major Platforms:

The jQuery Mobile framework embraces the concept of web of enabling everyone to access the web from any part of the world via a URL or link. The framework is platform-independent and is supportable with all the major platforms whether a browser or device. This means the mobile web application developed with jQM can be viewed with all the major web browsers, mobile platforms and OS including Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry etc. So, with a single platform one can develop mobile applications that can reach out to the maximum number of users across the world.

Theming Framework:

With jQM, it is possible to create highly branded experiences for businesses with customized themes. The theming framework enables developers to create highly customized web applications with desired color schemes and various CSS aspects of UI.

Easy Scalability:

With jQuery Mobile framework, it is possible to write code for applications which can automatically scale to any screen. This means now it is easier and also cost-effective for the enterprises to develop mobile web applications compatible to different platforms at one go.

Ajax Powered navigation Model:

The AJAX-powered navigation in jQuery Mobile allows to create semantic URLs. Instead of downloading entire pages every time, jQM finds for any domain local links and then fetches the content from there with Ajax. So, lot of time and page loading time is reduced.

Page Layout Development with Minimal Scripting:

The jQM framework supports HTML5 and hence, with HTML5 driven configuration, page layout development is quite easy with minimal scripting required for the purpose. So, now mobile web application development is quicker and would require lesser efforts when it is jQuery Mobile for your application development.
With jQM, you are developing future-rich web applications which can support the incoming, new touch friendly devices hitting the market. So, it is clear from the above facts that jQuery Mobile is a great platform to develop highly customized mobile web applications for business needs.
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