3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory

3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory

Talking About 3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory , The timeline of Industry 1.0 to 4.0 depicts evolution that industries underwent through and how all integrated changes as per technology shifts. First arrived steam power, mechanization, and water power. The second was the establishment of mass production, assembly line, and electricity. The third was the dawn of computers and automation. And current the 4.0 is blending computer and automation to derive the concept of the smart factory.

Industry 4.0 has transformed 3.0’s robot assistant into unimaginable gizmo. With cyber-physical systems, physical processes of the factory can be supervised and accordingly decentralized decisions can be made. The physical systems then get evolved with the Internet of Things which further can communicate and cooperate with each other as well as provide an interactive experience to humans in real time via the wireless web.

Talking About 3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory ,  A Virtual reality is playing and will be leading a vital role in making industry 4.0 a smart factory. VR Industry has opened multiple scopes for App Development Company to develop innovative solutions. Manufacturing units are getting themselves equipped with smart machines, data intelligence platforms, high digital connectivity and interactive simulation tools. All these will help them to refine their productions and meet customer needs as per latest technology era. Below are the applications of VR in manufacturing:

  • Training: When working environment is transformed into VR world, organizations can provide their employees with real surrounding working via virtual depiction. Such work drills are extremely safe. A training given by VR eliminates distractions like human obstacles, noise & this helps employees to solely focus on their tasks. Virtual reality simulations are adapted majorly for pilots and soldiers training as they can carry out their crucial training efficiently. Apart from that, virtual reality apps can help employees to deal with real-time difficulties that can come during manufacturing processes.
  • Factory planning:Building a new plant or revamping a current one takes into immense efforts in terms of designing, testing, and trials. And trial failures, delays, production line shutdown for stipulated period etc can cost expensive. Virtual technologies can prove to be a plan saver in such situations. Virtual plants can be developed and those can be tested infinite times so that flaws in the production process can be removed from real implications. The entire workplace can be designed from scratch & changes can be made according to employees work convenience.
  • Maintenance & Inspection: Trained experts can enter into virtual manufacturing process implementation environment and can carry out safety inspections or routine maintenance. Manual inspections might miss crucial checkouts but with VR experts can clearly take into consideration every minute detail. VR apps for maintenance or inspection can help inspector to implement their task from any premise or place.

Talking About 3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory , Industry 4.0 comprises of areas like big data, Blockchain or Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Fin Tech, E-Commerce, Robotics, Internet of Things etc and incorporating Virtual Reality with their workflow will surely bring unimaginable outcomes. Even you can transform your industry into the smart factory by including VR apps for line and factory modeling modules, VR assessment, performance simulation, enhancing virtual training etc. and you can get your industry solution at Brainvire – App Development Company who has adapted Virtual reality aspects and is working on providing solutions for Industry 4.0.