Looking Into The New World of Virtual Reality

Manipulation of your sense organs is what virtual reality does, sounds ambiguous right? But yes that’s what virtual reality does, it just influences your senses in a manner that you are suspended in the world it shoes to you.

So, virtual reality is an easy concept that summarizes to near reality. Though “near reality” isn’t a clear impression but we can infer that virtual reality is an artificial environment created through computers that is so immersive that the person experiencing it believes it to be true.

Technically, virtual reality defines to a three dimensional, computer-generated environment that is discovered by a person through intermingling with his brain. Virtual reality develops an atmosphere that engages the person to not believe the state he is in.

We may be living in the virtual reality anytime soon, the Guinness World Record for staying in the virtual for the longest is held by Derek Westerman who spent 25 hours in VR, which is a big leap for the development of mankind.

Virtual reality delivers a brilliant platform to human resources and it has the capability to yield a boundless future for the progress of humanity. Let’s take a look at some of the advances VR can assist to the growth of mankind.


Gaming has appealed an enormous section of our society and we are talking about normal gaming, but VR retains a great potential to take Gaming to another level. VR offers gyroscopic and motion sensors that sync with the game and delivers a great interface and a vivid touch to the gaming experience. VR’s ability to make humans interact with the person experiencing it makes gaming a mesmerizing experience.

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Experiencing places can be revolutionized through VR, it can hypnotically change the perception of a person and make travelling a fascinating experience. Sitting on the couch and experiencing a visit to the hanging gardens of Babylon or the lighthouse of Alexandria, this all can be true very soon.


Imagine watching Pulp fiction, The Shawshank redemption or 12 angry men through VR sets, how would you feel? Marvellous, isn’t it? That’s how I feel while penning this blog.

You can experience the whole energy between those 12 guys who are solving a case that seems easy but isn’t or Imagine watching the scene from Pulp Fiction where John Travolta revives Uma Thurman’s life after her body almost fails to function post drug use. Recreating these scenes through VR will offer a great experience to the audiences.

HP and Microsoft are working with the film industry to make virtual reality like real world reality.

Fighting disability with VR

Unable to perform some simple tasks just because you are disabled decreases your efficiency to work. But VR can solve this by creating a virtual environment which is also safe and will deliver a lively experience too.

Being disabled won’t confine you now onwards if the technology assists VR can be a great platform to help the disabled.


Investing without experiencing creates a mix-up in our mind to purchase the product or not, this can be eliminated through VR. It can deliver the experience of having the assets with you. Marketing through VR can promote the brand without incurring much cost. Superior organizations can broadcast live concerts through VR where the audience can experience it being stationary.

Human Resources

VR offers a great spectrum to business, starting from interviewing a candidate to their development as an employee VR can assist an organization to find the best and suitable candidates for the job.

How the future employees can fit into a corporate culture can be tested through VR. The recruitment process can be made simple and untiring through VR. Employees can be tested with the machinery and their efficiency can be drawn from the results. Creating a work environment remotely through VR will make the whole working process stress-free.

Other than that employee can virtually take a tour of company’s premises and can experience the working culture, they can easily draw ideas accordingly.

Virtual reality is a boundless world that can revolutionize mankind and will open new gates to a brighter and healthier future. It has the ability to change the way how we experience this world. Taking you to a virtual world and making it feel like real needs a great amount of perfection in the technology via top-notch mobile app development.

“The potential for Virtual Reality to help us learn, understand, and transform the world is limitless. VR for Impact is a challenge to the VR community and content developers across the globe to help drive awareness and to solve the biggest challenges of mankind.”

— Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO, HTC