Tango Enabled Augmented Reality Development Grabs Eyeballs All Over

Tango Enabled Augmented Reality Development

‘Tango’ name happened during the testing phase of Google’s AR Computing Platform project. And now, it has become a synonym for Google’s Augmented Reality Development. Tango, a joint venture of Google and Lenovo, has entered the AR market with a bang!  Not only the technology but Tango featured the first project named Phab2 Pro was also launched by Lenovo. Immediately Asus released Tango based handset in the consumer market.

AR is emerging very strong in the market. As per to statista, by 2020, AR and VR together will make an impact of $29.5 billion to the global economy. The tools to capture the AR markets are very few. Google’s decision to launch AR has hit the target at the very right time. Tango has a lot to offer. It allows developers to implement robust features like 3D mapping, physical space measurement, indoor navigation, environmental recognition into the virtual realm.

Tango enabled augmented reality development drags the user attention too quick!

Tango does the same magic to the business like the animation in movies do. For example, when a museum wanted to save South Asia’s rainforest, Tango enabled application went into the development. Lenovo Phab2 Pro app maps 10,000 square feet of Museum’s space into a complete, animal fledged rainforest. Every visitor comes there gets the real experience with their own naked eyes towards forests, deforestation and the impacts of it to animals and jungle. If the user plants a virtual tree, a real tree gets planted in Sumatra. And till now, more than 5000 trees have got their soil. Isn’t it amazing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pprT5GIFxiI

Tango brings the AR in the real world experience with 3 major functionalities:


A Tango enabled device uses GPS, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, motion tracking camera, 3D Sensor etc to monitor the movement of the user, to track the direction of the user in the particular space.

Depth Perception

This feature observes the various shapes surrounding the user. Not only detecting shapes, the depth perception can identify that it’s how small and how close to the user. Also, it can calculate the distance between the user and the shape, also its co-relation with other objects available in the surrounding space.

Area Learning

Whole space surrounding the user gets examined and mapped into the application. For example, if a user is moving through staircases, Tango can give the end of staircases and how far is the object from the user.

How can Tango help your business?

A Gaming industry is the one which is getting tons of benefits from Tango. Brainvire has implemented AR based Sniper Go gaming with a 360-degree view of nearby surroundings. A geofencing based, augmented reality development gives you unique gaming experience with weapons, avatars and lots of animation effects at the same time. The game is equipped with full-fledged AR based finding and killing targets with the feel of playing in the real world.

BMW has also launched its virtual car application. The car won’t be at the real location but you can enter in the car, explore it at fullest.

BMW virtual car application


This app will help to aware the potential customers about the robust feature car possesses and will drag the customers to the showroom for a final test drive and lock the deal!

A furniture industry which has lastly but finally comes out of bricks and mortar structure, will now take a step ahead and revolutionize the business by introducing magical augmented reality development into the application. Imagine, you are looking for a lavish sofa for your leaving room. You run an application, turn by turning different sofas would come, fitting to drawing space. You can immediately make the right decision, without even worry how will it look! No measurement tape or other instrument required! A tango enabled project can automatically measure the room size and the orientation accurately.

tango enabled

When a premise is given, what’s that Tango-enabled application can’t measure? Right from the angles, sides, walls, surfaces, corners, horizontal or vertical dimensions – you name it and it would do. Then how can realtors stay behind! The real estate industry can take tons of benefits from Tango for sure. The key point here is, it keeps changing as a user moves. The user can have a whole 360-degree view of the building. Augmented Reality based Real estate application can benefit architects, surveyors, building contractors, and estate brokers via a smartphone and a customer can have a most real view before the building actually takes its shape.

tango real view


Currently, Google has partnered with Lenovo and came up with the first ever Tango enabled smartphone– Phab2 Pro. Also, Tango works well with iPads and delivers the complete AR-based experience to iPad users. The reach of Tango needs to get wider beyond iPads and Phab2 Pro. I am sure Google is planning ahead with its futuristic, out of box technological solutions that would again make a news like Tango did.


I still remember that the first ever AR based app launched by a real estate company received a massive response and the trust factor increased overnight. My point is that the efficient use of AR in the business not only attracts the customers but also keeps you up-to-the-minute in the market. Tango is the futuristic and robust technology that you can rely on for your business AR needs. Business’ marketing strategies are running towards AR, is your strategy AR-enabled?