Augmented Reality: The Smart Technology To Optimize Real Estate Business

Truly said, “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”- Seth Godin

And, grabbing the attention is like breaking your neck.

The days can’t be brought back, when print ads leave a mark on customers’ mind.

There was the time when customers search the agents, read or view the ads or look online to buy things, but changing times make the agents to look for the customer.

Thereafter, realtors come up with iBeacon app development to enhance sales by providing up-to-date information to the passers-by. But, the real estate IT solution can take hold of only passers-by attention, not of the customers sitting far away. There the only alternative remain is digital devices, but they are also not working.

Augmented Reality The Smart Technology To Optimize Real Estate Business

In 2000, 92% of buyers look online websites like Zillow, Trulia or to buy the property, but a gradual decline in the number of visitors is observed in 2015.


Consumers’ habit of grasping the content is changing and growing.

So, what can make the content compelling?

Consumers take interest in, when you provide something which they had never imagined like- showing them their dream house before it is ever built.

It sounds miraculous, right?

The groundbreaking technology has made it possible and letting the people to step in off-the-plan building.

AUGMENTED REALITY enabled the prospects to view, walk-in, tour around the building pre-construction and much more.

Going ahead, the breathtaking technology wipes out the pain of real estate agents by reversing the trend of showing the property with blueprint or scale model.

What is augmented reality?

The technology superimpose the multimedia content like audio, video and images over the real world objects in real-time when viewed through AR app. The cool 3D technology making the lives of realtors and real estate agents easier and benefit them as well.

The piece of technology thus enable people to view the property/buildings virtually in a real manner using even mobile devices.

Take a look how augmented reality is proven to be a game-changer for real estate marketing:

1) Turn the brochures hi-tech:

Still, the traditional or digital brochures are the great medium to reach the customers. Integrating the augmented reality into brochures can increase the strength of this brochures in terms of more viewed and noticed by the customers because of the exceptional experience it delivers.

When AR technology is integrated in the property brochures, customers by scanning the brochure with AR enabled mobile app can view how the property would look after the development and get a feel of its nearby location as well.

2) Enable 360° Tour of the Property:

The scale model or sample flats takes a long time to build, time consuming and not transportable as well. Here augmented reality works best by showcasing the dream house to the customers in which they are about to invest.

The 3D virtual models using AR technology can help realtors to put a hole in the customer’s pocket with building display.

Moreover, customers can get panoramic view of the building. They can even walk inside the building, get a feel of different rooms, its furnishing and peep outside the window. It’s amazing! Isn’t it?

To deepen the customer engagement, customers can be given option to choose the color, texture or furniture, if they want any type of customization.

The impressive walkthrough the property can be provided anywhere without needing to be actually present over the location/site.

3) Check Property Availability:

This is something that’s beyond imagination. It takes the communication between customers and property stakeholders to the next level. Using geo-fence integration, realtors can provide the information to the customers when needed. Let’s see, how.

When customer using AR mobile app search the property by pointing the device in any direction, they will get the messages in regards to property availability that whether there are properties available for rent/buy or not. When available, instantly the information about property and owner appear on customer’s device.

The interactive experience AR provides is incredible. The emerging augmented reality solutions are adding a new dimension to real estate CRM marketing. The explicit benefits of augmented reality mobile app development are not needed to define. As, more than 864 million smartphone users have already enabled Augmented Reality technology on their mobiles.

So,we brainvire globalize your project and turn the table leveraging AR apps for real estate!