How Beacons Are Reimagining The Real Estate Landscape?

Gone are the days when realtors or real estate agents distribute the brochures/pamphlets, create billboards or advertise on television to spread the word about the property for sale. With a growing tech-savvy user base, realtors have started building websites to extend their reach with an online presence. But, in the last two decades, the exponential growth of mobile users downsized the number of users browse the website to know more about the property. It supports both ios and android app development platform.

According to comScore survey, “Over half of the 91.6 million unique visitors to all the real estate sites were from mobile devices.”

This is not enough, nowadays, solely web and mobile applications don’t work while the integration of emerging technology- augmented reality, iBeacons, virtual reality, and wearable has become the pre-requisite.

The reason is real estate business is not about selling the properties while it’s about the experience that customers will get during property hunting/visit. The integration of advanced technology is just to provide the best experience to the property buyers/visitors.

According to Steve Jobs, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology.”

In order to keep pace with changing customer behavior and increasing mobile usage, more realtors are adopting beacons based on Bluetooth technology to send messages. Embracing iBeacons is a great approach to draw the attention of passers-by and engage the property visitors by sending relevant messages to the customers in close proximity.

iBeacons- see what’s inside?

Beacons are the BLE devices that transmit messages on all customers’ smartphones that come in the range of beacons. The services micro-location technology provides are more accurate than GPS. The range of beacons varies according to the type of beacons used such as Eddystone, Estimote, and more. Having Bluetooth turned on a customer’s digital device is necessary to send notifications.

Triggering the messages to the users using Beacons would certainly benefit the real-estate micro-location marketing. Cut to the chase, take a look at all the benefits the technology offers to real-estate industry:

1) Take hold of passers-by attention:

Beacons would become the virtual guides for the buyers who are interested in buying properties by sending notifications to the people as they walk across the property. The sale signs can be replaced with beacons to send notifications that provide more information about the property to the interested ones when they download the app. Opportunist realtors can take advantage of it to promote the property on lease or for sale.

2) Engage customers with open house tour:

At times, real estate agents cannot be present to provide a tour to the property. Here beacons come to the rescue that gives a more idea about the property by highlighting the notable features via notifications, as the customer walks past the objects or rooms. Beacons attached at different positions trigger the distinct alerts that realtors set to give info just like a tour guide such as ceramic tiles are recently updated, the kitchen is remodeled, the lock system is keyless and more.

3) Make real-estate events interactive:

Often, realtors participate in the trade fairs to promote the property wherein hundreds of realtors and potential buyers are also present. Captivating customers’ attention in such a crowd is truly back-breaking. Fastening beacons in the kiosk can help the realtors to bring more attendees to their desks. Besides, using augmented reality, realtors can showcase their building pre-construction in a more immersive way about which we will discuss in the next blog.


iBeacon technology is taking diverse industry verticals by storm, be it retail, healthcare, real estate, logistics or print media. The location based technology is best suited for location based property selling industry to enhance sales by providing updated information to the customers with utmost convenience in the palm of their hands. Go for iBeacon mobile app development to get the high traction of users and tell them what they want to know without needing to be physically available over there.

Hop onto the iBeacon app development journey to revolutionize the real estate industry!

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