The Unstoppable Dominance of Augmented Reality

Talking About The Unstoppable Dominance of Augmented Reality, Technology has expanded to an extent where the imaginary things are not imaginary anymore, they are being turned into realities around us in different forms; some of these are virtual, augmented and mixed reality are some of the significant advances of technology.

Virtual Reality

Immersion in a virtual environment that is created by a computer is Virtual Reality. The experience can be enhanced through special hand controllers. To experience Virtual Reality, you will need to wear a special VR headset which is either standalone or connected to a computer and which features immersive videos.

Augmented Reality

Adding digital components whilst interacting with the real world is what augmented reality offers. PokemonGo is the best example of Augmented Reality which made millions of people rushing with their smartphones to catch some virtual creatures. The smartphones offer a lot of apps that can help you in experiencing Augmented Reality. Augmented reality defines superimposing the real environment with virtual objects.

Mixed Reality

One of the most recent progress in Reality technologies is mixed Reality, it has 2 forms

  • The first one is an advancement to AR that features the virtual object not only to exist but to can interact too. The user is kept in the real world while adding digital content with it and the user can also interact with them.
  • In the second one, the real world is swapped with the digital environment. In here the real world is blocked out while immersing the user in virtual reality. This one is the extension to the VR but the digital objects are mixed with the real ones.

The Unstoppable Dominance of Augmented Reality

Impact of AR on Commerce

Augmented reality apps can help people so much in the future that they don’t even need to wear the clothes they have selected; they can try them without actually wearing them. Banking, real estate, healthcare, and manufacturing are some of the branches that would be most benefitted by this technology.

Augmented reality applications for mobile phones can help to create virtual fitting rooms in which peoples can try and choose the right apparel for them. The same can help with choosing car color, furniture or apartment. Promotional campaigns of different brands can be made easy with the help of AR.


AR can quicken the manufacturing processes in a factory, the managers can track the whole manufacturing process through this technology. AR can save loads of time with the help of digital maps and plants. A machine’s fit can be estimated by just pointing a device in the dedicated direction.


Immersive real-life simulations can help students to understand different topics easily. Real psychological and physical experiences will help students to be more practical during the studies. Students can implement the learnings through AR in a realistic world without hesitating about the consequences.

Some of the business-related advances for Augmented reality are mentioned which would make our lifestyle easy and also help the business sector.

  • Sitting in the stadium and watching the replay of the match even before the officials or seeing the trajectory of the ball and calculating its speed.
  • Helping you with the field support for your machinery like cars, you can just scan the problematic part with your phone and can get the instant remedy for it.
  • Scanning through your kitchen and getting the nutritional information, recipes, quality or the condition of the food you have.
  • Shopping for the furniture or any home décor and checking its positioning at preferred places.
  • Recording and presenting all the information about a building just by scanning it through an application.
  • Diagnosing patient’s condition and getting the essential medicines just by scanning the body by an application.

Augmented reality applications

Google Translate

Talking About The Unstoppable Dominance of Augmented Reality, Google translate was one of the most talked about and magnificent application Google created in 2016. It uses the camera of a device and provides the real-time translation of the text. Just point the camera towards a different language and it will be translated into English and appear on the screen. Currently supporting 29 languages with real-time functionality this app is very much loved by the users.

Virtual Desktop

This head-mounted display shows windows desktop floating in the air before you. the desktop can be stretched to an infinite limit.

What does AR have to offer?

  • A company can unite its employees from all over the world and make them work in the same virtual space.
  • A 3D Prototype can be developed before finalizing the production of any product.
  • Learning business processes will be easy for the employees through enacting in a virtual space.

Many brands have tried Augmented Reality and have got surprising results, some of them are the leaders of the sectors they deal in.


The world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oréal has purchased ModiFace, a Toronto based firm producing phone applications that can apply digital makeup through front camera. The firm has previously employed almost 70 engineers, researchers and scientists on a number of digital projects. Since 2015, the online sales of L’Oréal have increased from 5 percent to 8 percent.

ModiFace has also created an app for the customers to check different dies on their hairs.


Mondly, the popular language learning app has released MondlyAR which was the first app supported by Augmented Reality. It was also awarded “app of the year” in EMEA in FbStart by Facebook and “editor’s choice” by google play.

It offers virtual and conceptual lessons for language which immerses the users flatteringly.


Snapchat was the first social media company to offer AR features to their users. The lenses of Snapchat were the most income earner for the company. The brand has also made other brands to dip toes in this market.


Collaborating with apple IKEA provided their customers to virtually place the furniture in their home with 98% accuracy. IKEA is believing on AR to increase its sales and it has generated $1.6 billion for 2016.

Talking About The Unstoppable Dominance of Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality is a fast emerging market that will take convenience and comfort to a different level. According to an estimate, AR/VR market will expand up to $150 billion by 2020 of which VR market will be only $30 billion. Smartphones have been one of the major promoters of Augmented Reality. It has captured almost every application including gaming, finance, and entertainment.