Why C# 7 Turned Out To Be A Different Microsoft Product?


Why C# 7 Turned Out To Be A Different Microsoft Product

Talking About Why C# 7 Turned Out To Be A Different Microsoft Product? As per statisticstimes, C# (pronounced as C sharp) stands at 4th top used language position in the 2017 matrix. But here, something which most surprised me is the leap taken by it compared to 2016. Let’s understand this. Top 3 languages – Java, C and C++ noticed the drop in the usage and only C# shown a positive sign via 0.50 % hike in usage. Isn’t it a massive sign? Certainly, it is, because every dot net development company is now taking C# 7 into a huge consideration.

Under the leadership of Anders Hejlsberg, the latest version of C# i.e 7.0 is released in March 2017 alongside the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. While I am writing this, Microsoft has released a patch in terms of C sharp 7.1 and already started a drive towards developing C sharp 8.0.

What are the sterling changes brought by C# 7?

Data Operations

Wherever web services are involved, the data structure can’t be simple enough. To deal with a complex data structure, XML formats, and the security aspects, C sharp 7 has come with the robust features resulting in an ease in implementing external data contracts.


Credit: c-sharpcorner

Performance Optimization

The world is equipped with mobile devices and your business must have the presence on all portals in order to capture the maximum audience. In such a scenario, the current application may need performance optimization on the frequent basis. C# 7.0 allows the performance optimization which was not even the possible case with previous dot Net frameworks. For example, if the asynchronous method when called already contains the result, it will impact the performance improvement through the lesser number of allocation on a heap. This version offers asynchronous methods and custom return types resulting in a lot of development flexibility and performance uplift.

Code Simplification

Talking About Why C# 7 Turned Out To Be A Different Microsoft Product? The features such as expression bodied methods and read-only properties introduced in C# 6.0 was carry forwarded here as well. What’s new in C Sharp 7 is that the finalizers and constructors are also supporting these features. Along with some small but useful features are brought for example-

#In earlier versions, before passing a variable to a function argument, the declaration was necessary. But in C Sharp 7, the problem is eliminated by letting declaration of the variable in function arguments. See below:

C#7.0 comparison with previous version

#one more thing, now you can use _ as the separator to make the numbers more readable.

Const int max_number_allowed = 100_1000;

Talking About Why C# 7 Turned Out To Be A Different Microsoft Product? C# is Microsoft’s one of the best gift to the world. The C# 7.0 is the version that has solved issues of high profile extensive developers via overcoming the hurdles of previous versions. Those dot net development companies using Microsoft visual studio have focused towards working on.Net and C# 7.0 both. Worldwide clients have chosen Brainvire as their Microsoft Development partner to shape up their business into profit-making applications.

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