Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing

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  • Published On September 21, 2018

  • Updated On June 1, 2021

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Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing

Talking About Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing , Great features such as MVC architecture, Razor pages, cross-platform support, in-built dependency – already made Microsoft .NET a popular and preferred choice whereas the wide versatility of C# has given this popular programming language a place among the top 10 programming languages around the world. In short, .NET Development is a web application framework with supporting libraries and C# is a highly expressive yet simple programming language developed by Microsoft for .NET. If you are planning to build your next web application, then we suggest you to have a look at the combination of C# & .NET Core. If you need a consultation, then our expert team will show you demos and a list of projects that we have already completed and all those applications were appreciated by our clients too!

Reasons For The Popularity

Talking About Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing , C# is an object-oriented language. If you want to build secure & robust applications on the .NET framework then you can use C#. In fact, developers prefer C# to create XML Web services, Windows client applications, client-server applications, distributed components and database applications.

Without solid reasons, no programming language can secure a place in the top 10 list because there are a lot of programming languages that offer different types of functionalities to the business and people are still learning and exploring!

So let’s discuss the specialties of these two languages without wasting any time!

  • Features: With the years’ long improvements, .NET is now one of the most discussed technology around the world. Cross-platform and container support, high performance, unified MVC & Web API frameworks, WebSockets and the feature that allows developers to differentiate parts of the code in development, staging and production environment made .NET popular among developers. C# is not far behind, with its simple, object-oriented, scalable and structured programming language and developers love C!
  • Versatility: Develop mobile apps, create web applications, write code to build desktop apps & background services – do it all with C# and .NET framework without any hesitation. Whether to build a web app or mobile app – C# is suitable for every platform. And how can we forget Azure- the cloud solution of Microsoft! Azure integrates seamlessly with the ASP .NET framework & dev environment and as a result, you can easily move all those .NET application to cloud easily.
  • Tools/ Platform: There are already multiple IDEs available for developers but Visual Studio stands out among them. Why? You can write your code fast, debug & diagnose at ease, customize, collaborate and efficiently develop apps for android, windows, iOS, web, cloud and Mac. The main advantage is – you can write your code and debug on any OS, enjoy built-in git support, install any plugins from a list of 4000+ extensions when you use Visual Studio – an open source and free IDE by Microsoft. And you can write and test your code on Visual Studio that you just completed using C#. So you are getting everything at just one place. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Open Source: Do you know the biggest change for .NET? It is now present on Github. So what is Github? Github is a favoured platform for community of developers at large, where they get a chance to share their code, ask reviews, give feedbacks, fork and contribute to any open source project. So if you are stuck somewhere during coding, you will get help from a large base of the community and improve your code to get optimized output.

Talking About Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing , Well there are many popular programming languages such as Ruby, Python, Swift, loT and more, but with the new releases and improvements in .NET, Microsoft has done the coolest thing with .NET. With the growing popularity of the .NET framework and versatile C#, we can expect to get more advanced yet simple web app & mobile applications in the future!

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