All New Security Level for Node.js to Protect Ecommerce Website

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  • Published OnOctober 26, 2017

  • Updated On June 20, 2022

update for node.js

When we are using an open source platform, we have the benefit of enjoying free updates and regular maintenance from the software community. This is not just about the updates which are for fixing bugs, but you also get ongoing support from the community to enhance your experience on each stage. Node.js community is always available for helping you out and improves the software.

As you might have noticed some errors and bugs on the node.js version 4.8, 6.10, and 8 that are vulnerable to protect your server and business security. This security problem can allow third parties to access your data, and which may lead to many other problems.

But, if you are still using the old version, then you have the chance to protect your commerce and power your ecommerce website with the latest node.js update.

This vulnerability is high and users of the affected version should plan to upgrade when a fix is made available.

Versions 4.8.2 and later of Node.js are vulnerable.

Versions 6.10.2 and later of Node.js are vulnerable.
Versions 8.x of Node.js are vulnerable.

Updates have been released.

Source:- official node.js, know more at

How this affects your digital commerce?

First of all, there is a chance of site hack, violation of database, and other server problems. If you are looking forward to enhancing online business, then you should upgrade to the latest node.js version ASAP.

This doesn’t only enhance the security level but also increases the programming speed. By this, the site becomes faster, flexible, saleable, and moreover responsive.

Why should you continue with node.js?

Node.js is gaining an advantage over other techniques, because it makes web applications faster, lighter, smoother and user-friendly. No other open-source platform offers this many options to unease your store power.

With continued updates, node.js is attracting many leaders and powering them business with the latest and reliable technology.

How to get started with node.js?

If you have already invested in node.js, then you just have to update to the latest version. We are leading Node.js Development Company and we offer complete node.js development services at client request. From upgradation to custom node.js development, we provide expert solutions at the competent rate.

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