Why Should You Use Node.js for Your Application

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  • Published On March 23, 2018

  • Updated On May 31, 2021

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Talking About Why Should You Use Node.js for Your Application, Waiting for your order on the same counter at which you have ordered is annoying for both you and the people standing behind you. Imagine a situation where you wait outside the counter while your order is being prepared and no one has to wait, sounds good right? And that’s exactly how Node.js functions. A platform written in JavaScript that has outstanding running speed and powered by a V8 engine by Google makes Node.js the best choice when it comes to handling a lot of requests at a time.

Why Should You Use Node.js for Your Application

Node.js functions in an asynchronous way which means that you can perform several tasks at the same time. A home to the broadest collection of libraries Node.js functions on the most prevalent and fastest emerging languages available under the sun. Working smoothly with Windows, Mac and Linux Node.js is the finest platform you can have at this time. Applications that need to keep up a tenacious connection between the browser and the server can be best executed through Node.js. The best part is that it runs on javascript which means that you can share the same code between the server and the client using a similar language.

Delivering a project in very little time makes it the best suit for prototyping, agile development, and rapid product iteration and due to these benefits some of the enormously big firms like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, IBM, and PayPal have adopted this platform.


With the growing number of subscribers, Netflix understood that it needs to shift to a platform to deliver one of the best user interface(UI) to its users. It was a high time when Netflix had to modify its delivery framework to make it more elastic and strong.

Prior to Node.js, Netflix had Java on the server and JavaScript on the client which needed the node.js expert developers to be efficient in two very different languages. A common language for both the ends was what they needed the most so that they don’t need to write it twice. Node.js offered a phenomenal performance that improved its boot up time from 40 minutes to 1-minute.

Talking About Why Should You Use Node.js for Your Application, Providing the best UI experience to a large number of subscribers and concision of the whole website into a single page experience was only possible with the help of Node.js website development. Shifting to Node.js restructured the whole functioning of Netflix and made it more updated and streamlined. Though Java is still driving the Backend of Netflix, all the Frontend is coming from Node.js.


“You just go and get a drink of water or you take a shower when you feel like it, and that is how we want the Uber platform to work as well,” said Uber Senior Staff Engineer Matt Ranney.

Uber operates in 68 countries across the globe and processing millions of rides per day needs a platform that can run at a very fast speed no matter what the situation is, and that’s exactly the reason why Uber chose Node.js.

The reason why Uber has admired Node.js is that it is best suited for distributed systems that make a lot of network requests. It is superb for quick iteration; the bugs can be inspected and can be resolved without restarting the system which helps the developers to deploy and publish new codes frequently. It has the nature of continuously optimizing technology and getting better on its own due to the open source community.

The Node.js has assisted Uber to process over 2 million remote procedure calls per second.


An incident in space dispersed NASA’s great amount of data in numerous locations in return for which they decided to construct an end-to-end data system of their own which was possible when they Hire Node.js Developer.

NASA then moved its data to a cloud and created a Node.js enterprise-scale architecture. They used 1 database for everything and reduced the access time by 300% which were linked through web API. Using Node.js has reduced the development time and costs to a remarkable level and it is the best solution for a cloud-based data system that receives a lot of queries at the same time.

An inference can be drawn with all this that it will provide safer conditions in outer space to astronauts.

Talking About Why Should You Use Node.js for Your Application, Testing the performance of a software program to check any bugs or errors while it is running, a platform assisting numerous frameworks to run on top of it and A few lines of JavaScript that can maintain a great number of libraries and workhorse connections to set up an operational dynamic Web Server…. Contact Brainvire a leading Node.js Development Company.


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