10 Reasons Why Node.js Has Become a Standard for Enterprise-Level Organizations

Node.js Development

With the growing need for enhancing business operations, Node.js has been the trend recently. It is taking over the world of programming and is known to have changed the lives of developers and business managers drastically. In today’s dynamic market structure, it is crucial to keep up with the trends to cope with the fierce competition. 

In such a scenario of growing demands and changing mindsets of consumers, Node.js has been a savior! Due to its diversity of advantages and improved outcomes, large-scale businesses and enterprises are embracing Node.js and bringing it to the mainstream market.

In this blog, we will be discussing the reasons why Node.js has become so popular over the past few years. Here’s a brief list about the things we will be covering:

  • A Brief Intro on Node.js
  • How has it Benefited Businesses?
  • What do the Statistics Say?
  • Top 10 Reasons You Must Use Node.js

 Let’s begin with a brief insight on how this new programming approach has brought success to enterprise-level organizations.

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A Brief Intro on Node.js

Node.jS is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime server environment that executes JavaScript code. It helps to build robust and scalable backend services or APIs (Application Programming Interface) seamlessly. These APIs develop web and mobile applications that are designed by keeping in mind the ease and comfort of the user while navigating through it.

Node.js is ideal for diverse genres of platforms and web operations like shopping, video and audio streaming, chatting, gaming, browsing, social media, collaboration tools, time tracking, and more. To put it simply, Node.js offers a platform for the user to interact or communicate through the surface called ‘application’. Be it for sending emails, creating, modifying and storing data, or for sending push notifications, Node.js offers the all-in-one platform that addresses all these issues and helps the user manage applications smoothly.

The best way to increase the efficiency and scalability of your web applications would be to switch to Node.js.

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How Has It Benefited Businesses?

Node.js development has not only improved the productivity of developing companies, but it has also made it a lot easier for the end-user to access and operate applications. As a result, this has proved to boost conversion rates and the overall sales of businesses. What’s more, this ease-of-use has also been the primary driving force for increasing online shopping activities in the previous years.

It becomes essential to keep up with the dynamic demands of consumers worldwide because we are living in a highly competitive market with people who are always in the rush to reach goals. This server-side JavaScript environment has a unique I/O model that makes it highly scalable and flexible for real-time situations.

 The most significant advantages of Node.js include:

  • It helps to build real-time applications in a lightning-fast way.
  • It increases the efficiency of the development process as well as the business, by filling the gap between the backend and frontend developers.
  • Due to its open-source nature, it is possible to code in JavaScript from both the client and server-side.
  • The code in Node.js gets executed faster than any other programming language.
  • Node has an ever-evolving NPM (Node Package Manager) that offers developers with multiple flexible modules and tools to use, helping them to boost their productivity.
  •  Node.js is suitable for microservices frameworks that are widely used with enterprise-level applications.

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We are packed in tight work schedules and find very little time for ourselves. In such a scenario, we hate spending hours searching for a particular product. Whenever we like to buy something, we immediately visit a shopping app or browser and find immediate solutions. Getting a quick answer to our searches is the psychology of modern Buyer.

Developers and businesses can’t afford to waste any time in building apps with complicated and heavy lines of code. Such developing habits are not only time-consuming but also reduce the efficiency and productivity of the outcomes that follow.

Therefore, enterprises need to come up with faster and efficient application servers that can satisfy the needs of the market on-the-go.

The reason why Node has become so popular with any Node.js development company is that it uses JavaScript as its primary language, which has been the most preferred choice among developers. Node apps are event-based and can run asynchronously. 

It not only reduces coding errors but also makes the runtime fast. So the next time you are confused about which programming technology to use in your web developing projects, Node.js is your choice.

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What Do the Statistics Say?

Do you know how many applications have become successful due to Node.js ? Starting from PayPal, Trello, LinkedIn, Uber, eBay, Mozilla, GoDaddy to our most favorite Netflix – all of them are built on Node.js servers. Now you realize why these apps have become part and parcel of your life, and why you just can’t stop using them! It explains why these applications are so comfortable and flexible to use.

So let’s look at what the stats say about this latest programming beast! As per the records of the Node.js User Survey –

  • It has 33% fewer lines of code.
  • 85% are using it mainly for web application development.
  • Mode apps are built twice as fast with much lesser people.
  • It has 40% fewer files.
  • Node apps have two times more requests per second.
  • PayPal saw a 35% reduction in the average response time.
  • Node.js is tested to have increased app performance by up to 50%.
  • It is the primary choice for SMEs and startups.

With such big names embracing Node.js, it is continuously evolving to be the most desirable option in the app development world.

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Top 10 Reasons You Must Use Node.js 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start using Node.js, considering the popularity it has received among enterprises.

 1. Scalability and Efficiency

Built upon the V8 runtime of Google Chrome, Node.js is written in C++, which is designed for multiple operating systems. To enhance the scalability and performance of Node, developers bring regular updates to both Node and V8, to optimize performance, improve speed, improve security patches, and to include support for modern JavaScript features. Node is a single-threaded language that uses multiple threads in the background to execute asynchronous code. This architecture helps developers to manage and work with multiple connections simultaneously and quite efficiently.

Node comes with robust features like a Cluster module that enhances load balancing across multiple CPU cores. The PM2 process manager and other such powerful tools enable developers to deploy Node apps with ease and speed. Also, developers find it effortless to optimize and monitor these applications after deployment.

 2. Cross-Functional Collaborative Teams

Working with Node apps enhances team collaboration as it involves a cross-functional team workforce. Each team member is engaged in the entire app developing procedure writing lines of code, hosting, testing, and managing deployment and maintenance. This enables the community of backend/frontend developers, quality assurance experts, and infrastructure engineers to continually add value to the existing resources available in Node.js.

Even though this approach is becoming quite familiar with startups these days due to the limited availability of resources, it is the key to developing an agile environment for enterprises. As per Agile advocates, Node.js has the potential to bring about innovation, agility, and a smoother and flexible team collaboration.

 3. No Learning Curves Involved

The most significant advantage of using Node.js is you can learn it easily and quickly. There is no need to go through hectic syntax learning and grasping procedures since Node is based on JavaScript, which is quite easy to adapt.

Programmers can find it flexible to learn, code, develop, and deploy scalable Node apps, both on Windows and Unix. The beginner-level developers and programmers can also find it easy to learn, and they will soon be able to implement Node.js in developing some robust apps.

 4. Long Term Support (LTS)

It is essential to stick to one programming language. The more a developer is well-versed with one platform, the more comfortable they become to carry out programming tasks.

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To ensure that the Node.js development company gets going for long, Node provides Long Term Support. This enables the developers to base their business on a particular technology, without having to go through the hassles of switching between various languages and platforms. Each release of Node.js is maintained for 18 months as promised in the protocol. After this, the versions will be subject to a 12-month maintenance period, with no new additions made to the modules and all the security issues and bugs identified and fixed.

 5. NPM Enterprise

The Node Package Manager enables programmers to install, update, and utilize smaller modules of open-source software packages. This ensures that they don’t have to go through the hassles of building applications from scratch. Developers can simply tweak the code lines as per their business requirements and avoid writing complex coding layers. Node ensures that the privacy of their apps is not tampered with, which is often the top-most concern of enterprises. nom has also released an Enterprise version to enable the smooth app developing operations of enterprise-level businesses. 

6. Cross-Platform Ensures Flexibility

Since Node is a cross-platform JavaScript environment, it offers the maximum flexibility in terms of hosting it on any desired server. Node apps can be implemented on multiple platforms. This also opens up a variety of options for the developers. 

 7. Grow Your Business by Combining Node.js and Microservices Patterns

As your business starts to grow, you need to take care of a much broader spectrum of situations to avoid any breakdowns. Every step needs to be taken with care, including creating and managing web apps. As the demands and expectations of the market grow, so does your need to cope with them.

It is necessary to take care of every small aspect of your web developing operations. Node.js helps you to manage each of your micro-tasks like CMS, email marketing, deployment, reporting, and many more. It makes sure that you can handle every complexity with ease. The solution to all these issues is the microservices pattern.

 8. Use Node as a Single Programming Language

Developers are given the freedom and luxury of building server-side apps with JavaScript. With Node, you can develop both frontend and backend web applications using the runtime environment with JavaScript. There is no need to use any other programming language. So, Node makes the deployment of applications much more straightforward.

 9. Advantages of Using Fullstack JS

Node.js is considered as a full-stack JavaScript that helps to serve both the server and the client-side applications. This exempts enterprises from hiring a developing team separately for frontend and backend development, thus saving time and money.

10. Benefits of Caching

Developers can enjoy the benefits of caching single modules with the open-source nature of Node. Whenever someone requests for the first module, it gets cached automatically on the application memory. This enables the developers to load web pages faster as they don’t have to re-execute the codes. Users can navigate through these apps more swiftly due to their high responding speed.


So if you are looking for a lightweight application that’s easy to build, Brainvire will suggest Node.js would be the ultimate solution for you. It comes with bare necessities and modules that help you develop scalable apps. High performance and tons of benefits make Node a popular platform among enterprises.

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