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Top 11 Websites That Enjoy the Virtue of Being Developed Using Node.JS

What are the benefits of using Node.JS, best Node.JS frameworks to use, how it is best for the business applications and pretty more is what everyone talking about in the world out there.

Even, you are introduced to the basics of Node.JS several times. Right?

Quite monotonous. Exactly.

However, no one discuss about the most popular websites that are powered by Node.JS. The reason behind the large use of the platform is its advantages such as:

– Ability to support large number of concurrent users using less server resources

– Backed by huge community

– Extremely flexible and scale well with the websites

– Make real-time application scaling a breeze

– A lot more…

Again, I started bragging its benefits eh! Don’t set your teeth on rage, let’s cut to the chase.

Top 11 Websites That Enjoy the Virtue of Being Developed using Node.JS

Take a glance at the websites that considered Node.JS enough matured framework and built leveraging it:

1) Google

Yes, the search engine that processes billions of request in a month and took over the market in terms of search, online advertising, office applications, cloud computing and so forth is also using Node.JS. Well, not in the production, but in the Google cloud platform and lambda like architecture, Node.JS is used.

2) Wall street journal

The award-winning newspaper tops in releasing the business and financial news and stories across the globe. The USA based international newspaper online version is backed by Node.JS back-end to scale the app at ease.

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3) LinkedIn

The platform to boost up the professional network and blogging boasts to have 400 million users. Not so long back, the website made a switch to Node.JS because JavaScript has short learning curve and it’s easier to code with Node.JS. So LinkedIn designed the complete front-end leveraging Node.JS.

4) Groupon

The global marketplace is considered as best place to find varied deals and offers at local merchants or e-commerce platforms. The website claimed to have large number of concurrent users and it handle the users and transaction seamlessly with Node.JS.

5) PayPal

The payment processor is known to help people in money transfer around the world in over 100 currencies. Using Node.JS, PayPal has simplified the development and back-end processes to handle billions of transaction at ease.

6) Netflix

We are very familiar with the global provider of streaming films, videos and television series, which claims to have 75 million accounts worldwide. To iterate faster, improve build times and reduce the compile time, Netflix made its move to the Node.JS.

7) Uber

The transport app that brought an end to “hailing a cab for ride” scenario use Node.JS technology at the back-end to help customers find drivers or drivers search the customers in no more time.

8) Shutterstock

The venture founded in 2003 to create a repository where stock photos, illustrations and vectors of high resolution are added in thousands daily. The platform help photographers to sell their photography and prospective buyers to purchase the photography via license. It uses Node.JS to display images through search queries without any hitch and testing for the network services.

9) Github

The web based repository of hosting services offers distributed revision control to make version control easy to use, leveraging certain tools. Github uses Node.JS to provide downloads repositories to the IT world.

10) Zendesk

The cloud based customer service Software Company empowers interaction between customers and businesses. Node.JS is implemented to enable the interactions easily and at speed.

11) Trello

The management tool with more than 10 million users used to keep things organized and manage the team easily. The infrastructure of Trello is built using Node.JS, database using node-mongodb-native and server used some of the Node.JS libraries.

The incredible websites cases are itself uttering a lot about the strength of Node.JS. Although the platform is not decades old, but its robust functionalities don’t limit its usage or not let people distrust it. So, what are you thinking for?

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