Top 21 Advantages of Leveraging Node.Js For Business Applications

A lot has been bragged about the innate capabilities of node.js that it truly deserves. The software platform built on Google's V8 JavaScript engine has become the developers and businesses favorite because of the lucrative upshot it has brought.

Leading organizations such as Paypal, Linkedin, Microsoft, Yahoo, and IBM have used it in the back-end because of the four business tenets- innovation, productivity, cost-effective and scalability. Also, the framework boast to be the largest package manager in the software world that makes module addition easy.

Take a glance at the impressive benefits Node.js will bring for the business applications:

1) The framework enables app development in the shortest possible time, so the time-to-market the application reduced to a great extent.

2) It's cost-effective to use because pay, as you grow services, are used while testing and deployment of the application.

3) In node js development services, the code is multiple-platform and multiple browsers compatible, i.e. the code written in one language can run on multiple platforms thereby reducing the need to re-invent the wheel with code to be re-written for different platforms.

4) No special talent is required to engineer and handle front-end and back-end in node.js, as using a common language both can be handled.

5) Its architecture is concurrent in nature that enables enterprises to build network applications that can handle multiple concurrent connections with increased performance.

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6) Node.js stands as the best platform to develop real-time web applications because database queries are written in JavaScript and JSON stored data format alleviate the need to interchange the data and possible mismatches may arise due to conversions.

7) Node.js package manager (NPM) has the repository of over 60000 modules that are constantly growing. Using in-built modules, scalable and consistent solutions can be built at ease.

8) Developers are at the liberty to use the tools and framework of node.js and JavaScript community that increase the chances of innovation to happen in business apps.

9) It serves as a proxy server for the enterprises if they are not having the infrastructure in place as node.js features can be used as the proxy for a number of services having differences in their response time.

10) Putting the reverse proxy server in front of the Node.js server increases the application performance even in the high traffic because, at the back, the node.js server can easily deal with multiple servers for load balancing and in caching content.

11) Tight coupling between client-side and server-side eliminates the requirement of flipping back and forth between multiple technologies.

12) Cloud scalability helps. Node.js automatically scale up and down depending on traffic and rush hours, thus saving a few bucks when usage is less.

13) The performance for HTTP and TCP protocols is appreciable.

14) Node.js support PaaS hosting providers that are quite inexpensive for business applications as compared to others.

15) It's best suited for business applications that perform a lot of data processing and need to process a large number of requests in minimal time with low response times.

16) It ensures the high data exchange will be done at the back-end in an impeccable way.

17) Node.js consume data through web services in the form of JSON. This is the reason node.js is highly preferred to build mobile application development.

18) The basic APIs can be created in less coding due to the support of HTTP and apt selection of modules.

19) Node.js reduce the number of servers required to host the application. Thus, saving well on the budget.

20) All the loaded features and functionalities, decrease the page loading time to nearly half.

21) Delighted developers would work on the application happily and can be retained for a longer-term.


It would be really inconsiderate to say if any business won't embrace the technology to build the next business application after viewing all the aforementioned benefits. Node.Js is the next frontier of the technology world to build world-class applications on-the-fly. The multitude of advantages the budding node.js provides is impossible to ignore. So get ready to add another feather to your business cap employing node.js development. It is advisable for you to Hire Node JS Developers which are highly qualified and skillful.

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