Top 7 Benefits Of Using Node.js In Retail Industry That Cannot Be Ignored

Node.js enjoys the virtue of having 3.5 million users and every year, the emerging platform for building scalable real-time web apps, mobile applications, Microservices architectures and enterprise applications is growing at 100 percent rate.

The latest Node.js version 6.0 release is packed with amazing features such as enhanced performance, increased stability, faster module loading and testing, better security, good documentation coverage, and improved buffer and file system APIs.

These offerings of Node.js bring it on the top in the technology world that's populated with tons of programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. Across different industry verticals, Node.js is gaining popularity because of the security, usability, and reliability it provides. Walmart, Groupon, and Uber to name a few are the leading retailers that have embraced this technology.

Is Node.js so worthy for retailers? Why is it getting more space in the retail industry? And, why other retailers should opt for it? Are these questions hammering your mind? If yes, read further to get the exact answer to these questions.

Yes, going Node.js is the best choice that retailers can make. See, why? As, customer's buying behavior has changed and now, they prefer to shop from mobile, instead of looking through their desktop or tablet. Mobile shopping is on the rise and when e-retailers enable mobile shopping, there are certain factors that they have to consider like- faster page loading and improved performance even in high traffic for providing a best customer experience. Here, Node.js would help. There are some more reasons due to which retailers can count on Node.js.

Let's enlist all the benefits that online retailers will get leveraging Node.js:

1) Node.js can build data-intensive apps that run seamlessly across multiple devices in real-time. So, the same application running on different devices would display synchronized content with no disparity.

2) NPM- Node.js package manager has an incredible number of modules that can be used instantly. Thus, developers can build applications easily without needing to start from scratch. This increases developer throughput and retailers will get an app built in the shortest possible time.

3) Using Node.js in development will certainly increase the productivity because Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, so a front-end developer can easily understand everything and make required changes, which in turn again saves a lot of time. Possibly, e-retailers will get app enhancement or feature integration at speed, and provide better customer experience.

4) E-commerce apps built using Node.js can keep up with traffic without any hitch. For instance, Walmart, one of the leading retailers using Node.js has garnered 500 million page views on Black Friday without any impediment.

5) Node.js use in the websites speed up the page loading (Reduce the page loading time by half) that plays a vital role in bringing huge success because customers expect a page to load in 3 seconds and if it takes longer time, then customers abandon using such websites. Delight your users using Node.js.

6) App development using Node.js is agile and the apps can be easily modified. The traditional applications are rigid and it's difficult to add new requirements, but using Node.js, a group of small applications is developed, so changes can be easily made without needing to change the complete code-base.

7) With increased testing and documentation, developers can test different alternatives swiftly. Suppose, developers are trying to build an app and wherein they come up with different interfaces. These interfaces can be tested quickly and effortlessly.


After summing up the benefits, it's a no-brainer to think even once that Brainivre is a leading Node js development company and we will add value to E-retailers. The retailers can outgrow and outpace their competitors by upgrading the E-commerce store according to changing customer needs and behavior in a short span of time. Give a leg up to your store embracing Node.js.

Stay tuned with us to know about the success story of retailers using Node.js!

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