Brainvire To Develop Cash Management Software For The Leading Cash-In-Transit Service Provider

“Brainvire proclaims the indenture from one of the best companies that provides Cash-In-Transit services to build the system that streamlines the workflow of the company”

24 July, 2015 – Brainvire, one of the leading software development companies sealed the deal with one of the leading Cash-In-Transit providers to develop a cash management web and mobile application that works to streamline the work process.

In this modern age, with the increase in theft and robbery, there is a significant rise in the advancement in technology and security services too. The officially licensed trust worthy companies work for transferring the cash and valuables from one location to another; the locations include huge retailers, banks, ATMs and other places holding huge amounts of cash. These services reduce the risk exposure and improve the safety of cash, providing you a convenient way of transferring a huge collection of cash valuables and saving your time and money. Also, it increases the productivity and helps attaining peace of mind.

Brainvire is extremely glad to work for a logistics company that is into providing such high class services. The company provides the Cash Pick and Delivery (PUD) and First Line Maintenance (FLM) services to banks, ATMs and MSPs. They have also got tie ups with other non bank entities that own ATM machines. Their huge client base includes huge retailers who want to transfer the large amount of cash to the banks at the end of the day. They have got all the transportation facilities, equipments as well as security personnel.

Our project includes developing a web application for the cash management solutions by streamlining the work process flow for all the departments like planners, vault managers, clients, vehicle managers and custodians. This cash management system provides 100 percent ROI and caters to all the requirements of clients including maintaining and executing orders. This cash management software web application is integrated with the mobile application that has got route tracking so that it updates on its own with the real time data and the custodians can update the data on the route in an offline as well as online mode. Apart from taking care of data sync, the database and communication channels are encrypted for security purposes. The user can either control the data in the system centrally or from the branches on the basis of the authorization checks. The mobile application integration in this web application allows the reconciliation and route tracking for the updating of real time data from anywhere.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO at Brainvire says, “In this tech freak world, with the advancement of technology, businesses can beat the competition only if they do something innovative and fresh. Brainvire has proved its efficiency and capability by taking on the automation project. The automation not only cut downs the turnaround time, but also decreases the personnel required and errors generated. Brainvire has achieved this automation by implementing this app and set a true example by developing this true mobile application that caters and reports on time, every time!”

Brainvire provides a comprehensive range of products and services to its clients. The strong client base of the company comprises of several industries. Some of them include retail, finance, healthcare, mobile and wireless, media and entertainment, advertising, education and real estate.

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