Brainvire Launches an Employee-Primary Care Physician App

Oct 21, 2022 Dallas, USA

One of the benefits of utilizing a healthcare app is the ease with which one may reach out to medical professionals. The specialists at Brainvire have developed applications via which employees may ask for medical advice from physicians in several different ways.

The major goal of the project is to facilitate communication between employees and primary care providers.

The client is an umbrella corporation that acquires businesses under its wings, and while encompassing these businesses, the client wants a platform that can benefit its employees with insurance plans. Thus they onboarded Brainvire for the creation of this telemedicine application.

The insurance industry data will be included in this project. In addition, insurance-related providers are accessible through the hub. Users can examine a list of ailments that qualify for free direct primary care and free telemedicine and then connect with a doctor for guidance.

Considering the availability of health and wellness applications, online medical apps that simplify individual care is a somewhat broad category. Therefore, we set out to make sure that our client’s app was accessible to the widest possible audience and could assist with a wide range of healthcare issues faced by their employees,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

To cater to the client’s employees in the best way possible, our developers worked to create two-tier insurance plans, where the benefits will vary as per their selection of the insurance plan.  

Using a secure mobile verification system we developed, employees and their partners can sign up in both tiers with only their phone number, Social Security number (SSN), and password. The employees will also be able to examine their specific plan benefits from their profile that they will avail after they select the tier. It will get updated as the program varies, which might happen yearly. 

In tier one, the employee can go through various lists of diseases and the care provider that comes under Free Primary Care and Free Telemedicine. From that list, they can find the phone number of urban health centers. They simply have to punch in that number on the phone, and they will be able to get in touch with the experts without any ado. 

Also, suppose an employee falls into Tier 2. Besides the perks of the first tier, they will experience some additional benefits. They can select options for common specialists and common conditions according to the specific health issue. After logging in, the employee can narrow their search for a doctor by selecting a particular subset of illness; for instance, if they need a cardiologist, they may choose that option directly. 

Once that’s done, they may narrow down their options based on the symptom they’re experiencing; for example, if chest discomfort is the problem, they’ll have to click on that specific symptom to discover it. In that case, they will have access to a directory of in-network healthcare professionals from whom they can get phone numbers or get redirected to their clinic address using GPS provided by the app.

In addition, we’ve made it so that only employees’ spouses can log in; get all the benefits that the employees have as per their selected tier. However, while the client might have the SSN of the employee’s spouse but for the authentication, the application needs mobile verification. 

So, we have customized the feature and ensured that when the spouses try to sign up, the employee will get a message from us with their partner’s information and be asked to confirm or deny the request.

Brainvire has helped our client’s employees take a step toward a brighter future by developing a user-friendly telemedicine platform.

For more information about Brainvire’s mobile app development, you can call or email us at: [email protected].  

About Brainvire

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