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Balubaid’s Success with Magento-Odoo Integration by Brainvire

In the fast-paced digital era, Balubaid, a renowned global leader providing services to various industries, was ready to embark on a new venture in the spare parts industry with a bold step towards B2C e-commerce. However, they faced challenges with their extensive product line and a vast network of dealers and distributors across Saudi Arabia. Delayed deliveries, high costs, and lost sales were hurdles that needed to be overcome to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

To tackle these challenges, Balubaid turned to Brainvire, an Odoo Gold Partner, for a comprehensive solution. Brainvire recommended the integration of Magento and Odoo, leveraging their expertise and experience to provide optimal results. With the implementation of Odoo, Balubaid was able to streamline its processes and gain real-time visibility into its operations, addressing the complexities of its online and offline businesses, including its dropship approach.

Revamping their dealer and distributor networks with Odoo provided Balubaid with a centralized system to efficiently manage all their operations. The Magento-Odoo integration proved a game-changer, bringing unparalleled efficiency to Balubaid's online and offline sales, reducing costs, and ensuring timely deliveries. With improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations, Balubaid is now poised for success in its new venture in the spare parts industry, thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Brainvire.

How Brainvire's Odoo-Adobe Commerce Integration Transformed Balubaid's Operations

Balubaid faced challenges in managing orders, sales, and inventory due to its extensive network of dealers and distributors. However, by implementing Odoo-Adobe Commerce integration, they achieved real-time visibility into their operations, enabling efficient processes and informed decision-making.

The project included the following:

  • Seamless integration of the Magento eCommerce website with Odoo ERP for the spare parts business.
  • Integration with shipping courier companies.
  • Third-party vendor integration.
  • Managing online orders for B2C and manual B2B customers.
  • Financial aspects such as bank reconciliation and e-invoicing based on Zatca regulations.

The solution also covered warehouse management, customer care through the helpdesk module, and other back-office processes through Odoo ERP.

The end-to-end solution has allowed Balubaid to streamline its business processes, leverage Odoo's capabilities, and improve operations, leading to enhanced customer experiences.

Functionality for Customer 

The customer-facing front-end functionality of Balubaid's Odoo-Adobe Commerce integration, implemented with the expertise of Brainvire, has enhanced the convenience and efficiency of the online shopping experience. In addition, the integrated solution provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for customers to interact with Balubaid's spare parts business, offering a range of functionality for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Empowering Balubaid's B2C E-commerce: From Challenges to Success with Brainvire


Some of the critical front-end functionalities for customers include:

  • Easy Navigation: The integration ensures user-friendly website navigation that allows customers to easily browse through Balubaid's extensive product line and effortlessly find the spare parts they need.
  • Product Search and Filter: Customers can search for specific spare parts or use filters to narrow down their search based on various criteria, such as brand, category, or price, enabling them to find the desired products quickly.
  • Product Details: Detailed product information, including specifications, images, and pricing, is readily available for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Smooth Ordering Process: The integration streamlines the ordering process, allowing customers to add products to their cart, review their orders, and proceed to checkout with ease. Customers can also track the status of their orders in real time.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Balubaid's integrated solution offers a variety of secure and convenient payment options for customers, such as credit card, debit card, or online banking, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.
  • Personalized Accounts: Customers can create customized accounts on the website, which allows them to save their shipping addresses, view their order history, and manage their account settings for a personalized and convenient shopping experience.
  • Responsive Design: The front end of Balubaid's integrated solution is designed to be responsive, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across different devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, catering to the diverse needs of customers.


Thanks to Brainvire's technical expertise in integrating Odoo and Adobe Commerce, Balubaid has witnessed a significant enhancement in the front-end user experience. The registration process has been streamlined, allowing users to easily create new accounts by filling in their basic information as required. Although guest checkout is unavailable, the login process has been made more user-friendly, requiring users to input their information and click the "Register" button. This seamless registration process has resulted in a 10-fold improvement in the front-end user experience, making it more efficient and convenient for users to register and access their accounts on Balubaid's website.

Home Page

The Odoo experts at Brainvire have created a user-friendly Home Page that offers easy access to key modules of the website, such as banners, menus, product categories, My Account, login, cart, wish list, sliders, and footer. In addition, the header section features a search bar that allows users to search for products by part number/SKU, interchangeable part numbers/SKUs, and VIN. 

The Home Page also includes a Mini Shopping cart and wish list for convenient item management. Users can visit category listing pages by clicking on product categories in the navigation menu, and the admin can easily manage banner images from the back-end system. Integrating an advanced search bar with year, make, and model options have greatly improved the home page's user experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Custom Year, Make, and Model Functionality 

With Odoo's integration, users can easily view the list of products associated with a specific vehicle year, make, and model. The back-end data set for the year-make-model is stored in the database, and the client is expected to provide the data in a specific Excel sheet format. The team will share the Excel sheet format, and users can select the year, make, and model from dropdown values. Upon selecting the dropdown values, users can click the Search/Go option to find relevant parts based on their selection, making the search process more convenient and efficient.

Product Detail Page

Customers will be directed to the product detail page when they click on the product image or product name. From there, they can add the product to the cart. The available product options will be based on the US Partner's database or catalog, invoked via API. In addition, Fitment data, such as year, make, and model, will be fetched from the US partner's API, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information for customers to make informed choices.

Shopping cart page

The shopping cart page will show a list of all products added to the cart, along with separate columns for VAT percentage and amount. However, there is a limitation where the customer needs to select the country first. So first, the state will be shown based on the chosen country, and the customer can add a zip code. Then, the tax rate and percentage will be displayed based on the state, ensuring accurate calculation of VAT for the customer's location.

Checkout Page

Brainvire has streamlined the checkout process for integrating Odoo and Adobe Commerce, making it efficient for users. Upon clicking "Checkout," users are taken to the checkout page to log in or register. Guest users have limited actions available. The shipping method and split delivery process depend on the products in the cart. Users can choose between home delivery or warehouse store pick-up for warehouse products and home delivery options for drop-ship products. 

In the case of both types of products, split delivery is applied. Integrated shipping gateways like DHL or FedEx can be used for online payments, and a Cash on Delivery (COD) option is available. Users can review the billing address, apply promo codes, and place an order. Success leads to a confirmation page and email, while failure redirects to an error page for re-placing the order. A helpline number is provided for customer support on the header or checkout page, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

CMS Pages

The website will feature several CMS (Content Management System) pages, including About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Shipping and Return Policy, Careers, Help/FAQ, and Cookie and Privacy Policy. In addition, these pages will contain textual information that the back-end administrator can manage.

Blog Page

Customers will be able to view blogs on the website. The blogs may include images, third-party redirections, or videos on the blog pages to enhance the content. In addition, users can click on individual blogs to access the blog detail page for more information.

Enhancing Customer Relationship Management with Brainvire 

With Brainvire's expertise, Balubaid's Sales department streamlined its lead management process. B2B Sales Specialists, B2B Sales Managers, Customer Support Agents, and Customer Support Managers could capture customer details as leads/opportunities through the system via email or call. B2B Sales Specialists could manage potential opportunities in the pipeline, create new quotations, and schedule activities for effective follow-up. 

Lead to opportunity conversion was made easy with the "Convert to Opportunity" button, allowing new customer creation or linking with existing customers. B2B Sales Managers had access to various features such as configuring sales teams, viewing pipelines, assigning leads, defining stages, and tracking opportunities for each Sales Specialist. Brainvire's technical solutions provide comprehensive tools for managing leads, opportunities, and sales activities, enhancing the overall sales process at Balubaid.

Sales Management 

The Sales module by Brainvire streamlines B2B sales by managing quotations and sales orders. Specialists create quotations after logging into the ERP, which follows an approval cycle based on pre-defined KPIs. Notably, the system allows sending quotes even if they exceed credit limits. 

Sales Management

Upon receiving customer responses, approved quotations can be converted into sales orders. The system validates eligibility based on criteria such as discounts, credit limits, and payment terms. Sales specialists can track sales orders and differentiate between draft and confirmed orders. Canceled quotations are archived when withdrawn, ensuring organized sales order management.

Inventory Management 

The inventory management system efficiently handles warehouse operations, including routes, rules, locations, and products. It incorporates configurable Push and Pulls Rules for automatic product transfers and demand-based procurement. Multiple warehouses can be set up with options for primary and secondary warehouses, and incoming/outgoing shipments can be processed through three-step/two-step processes. 

Inventory Management 

Warehouse managers can create new locations with attributes like location name, type, and options for scrap or return locations. The system supports various inventory operations with route configuration and notifications for late shipments. Barcode management allows for an automatic generation or pre-defined assignment based on international standards, enabling tracking of products, consumables, or fixed assets. Optimize warehouse operations with Brainvire's inventory management system.

Purchase Management 

The Odoo Purchase module helps in efficiently managing vendors and their records with comprehensive sales history. Junior Purchasers in the Procurement Department can easily add or edit local vendor details, with pre-conditions including internet access, correct URL, and ERP login. The module allows warehouse staff to store vendor details with fields such as company name, address, vendor type, contact info, payment terms, and accounting details. It features a vendor master for local and international procurement vendors, with AAP as the core vendor for fulfillment orders. 

Purchase Management 

Smart buttons provide an overview of the purchasing journey, including purchases, meetings, and vendor bills. The procurement team can view vendor details in Kanban or list view, with a partner ledger for comprehensive information. The module also includes validation processes and a 3-way match for efficient procurement management. Vendors can also be customers, with partner statements generated accordingly. Streamline your procurement process with the Odoo Purchase module.

Helpdesk Management 

The Helpdesk page allows customers to create tickets for various issues, with the functionality available for guest users, logged-in users, and customer support agents. Customer support agents need internet access and the correct URL to create a ticket. Users will be redirected to the Helpdesk form page, where they can select the appropriate Ticket Type and provide their name, subject, email, contact number, customer message, and attachments. 

Helpdesk Management

Registered customers can also check ticket status from the My Account -> My Ticket module. All tickets will be synced from Magento to Odoo, and customers can view the Ticket List with status (e.g., open, closed, in progress), subject, and ticket type on the Magento front. This enables customers to track the progress of their tickets and stay updated easily. Simplify your customer support process with the Help Desk page.

Warranty Management 

The Balubaid system's warranty module efficiently manages warranty claims involving multiple users and departments. The key features include CSA rejection with email notification, status sync to Magento, incoming shipments for accepted requests, customer delivery to pick-up points, quality check, return validation, shipping charges management, delivery order generation, warranty policies based on item attributes, managing warranty information, accounting entries control, vendor/insurance/freight vendor claim, invoice/credit memo generation, sales order linking, and list view for requests. 

The module streamlines warranty processes, ensuring accurate tracking and communication and improving overall warranty request and return management.

Expense Management 

The Odoo Expenses system simplifies expense management with easy expense submission, efficient manager approval, and accurate payment processing by accountants. Key features include:

  • Creating/editing expense records.
  • Attaching receipts.
  • A list view of records.
  • Expense report creation.
  • Report review by employees.
  • Manager approval.
  • The status changed to "Approved."
  • The ability to post journal entries and use the "Register Payment" button for the finance team.

Expense Management

Accounting Management 

The Chart of Accounts (COA) is a comprehensive list in the general ledger that records financial transactions. The Finance Manager can configure the COA based on Saudi Arabia Localization, creating accounts with fields like Code, Account Name, Type, Default Taxes, Reconciliation, Account Currency, and more. The finance team can view total balances for analysis, and bulk import via CSV files is possible. Pre-conditions include internet access, correct URL, and logged-in ERP system. Customization and configuration may be needed based on the ERP system and business rules. Consultation with ERP documentation or vendors is advised.

Accounting Management

Driving Business Excellence with Brainvire 

As an Odoo Gold Partner, Brainvire has significantly enhanced the business of Balubaid through its expertise in delivering better and unique content solutions. With their in-depth knowledge of Odoo, Brainvire has worked closely with Balubaid to optimize their business processes and implement customized solutions that meet their requirements.

Brainvire has helped Balubaid achieve streamlined warranty management processes, efficient expense management systems, and a comprehensive Chart of Accounts that aligns with Saudi Arabia Localization through its innovative approach and specialized skills. In addition, their solutions have improved Balubaid's overall operational efficiency, accuracy, and communication, resulting in enhanced business performance and customer satisfaction.

Brainvire's ability to deliver tailored content solutions, including creating and configuring new accounts, managing warranties, and optimizing expense management, has given Balubaid a competitive edge in its industry. Balubaid can now effectively manage its warranty claims, track expenses, and maintain accurate financial records, thanks to the unique content solutions provided by Brainvire.

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