What Makes .NET Best To Suit Your ROI Needs

The Collaborated Universe of Business and IT

The growth in IT education and globalization have revolutionized business sectors, be it medical or automobile. Businesses have started considering the online approach.

Thanks to technological advancements, the automobile industry has witnessed significant improvements in processing speed and adaptability. The integration of innovative applications has led to smoother and faster operations, revolutionizing the way businesses operate within this secto.

To achieve your business goals, you require an IT platform, which will offer you the technology and power to increase the revenue generation approach and simplify the business.

You require a technology, which will minimize the time taken for the purpose of developing website or application. Apart from this, the same technology should also allow you to create applications that are highly scalable, reliable, and have great quality.

These days, business have started relying heavily on IT departments for the purpose of justifying their existence and what the IT sector can do to manage costs and revenue for them. It can be either done by increasing the revenue or decreasing the costs. Long gone are the days of inefficient, lethargic IT departments, which couldn’t meet the goals.

In order to help the concerned IT departments match their aims with those required by the business in terms of ROI, it’s quite significant they choose to go for the right technology in order to create strategic applications. For this purpose ASP.NET web application development kicks in. Microsoft .Net platform is considered as an ideal one for the task.

Brainvire as a Microsoft partner has created this software development platform in order to aid app and web developers. .Net has been written to overcome few of the biggest hurdles concerning app development, for instance, long development time, deployment hassles, software development cost, and helplessness to enhance the features of a particular app.

Understanding Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is basically a performance measure that is used to analyze the efficiency of certain investment. Moreover, it is also used to compare the different investments’ efficiencies. Return on Investment measures the total return amount on an investment that is related to the cost of investment.

When a particular business chooses to consider a software project, they generally take a note of how long will it take for them to receive the invested amount back, and how long will the completion of the project take. This is what you call an ROI, i.e. Return on Investment.

However, the approach towards ROI evaluation taken by the company differs by company and project. But, the fact cannot be ignored that it’s a crucial step, which requires being undertaken before the business starts a software project.

In order to calculate this, one needs to divide the benefit or return by the total cost of investment. As a result, the final value is expressed in terms of a ratio or a percentage.

Below listed equation will offer you a proper understanding of the subject.

Return on Investment

As you can see in the equation, the Gain from Investment is referring to the overall proceeds acquired from the investment of interest’s sale. Return of Investment is measured as a percentage.

Due to this, one can easily compare the returns from various other investments, in return offering one to measure various kinds of investments against each other.

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Business Solutions That Can Be Developed Using .NET

• Value chain and supply management solutions
• Customer Relationship Management software
• Inventory management apps
• All types of websites – personal, corporate and e-commerce
• Accounting apps
• XML web services
• Apps for handheld devices such as PDA
• Warehouse apps

How .NET Impacts ROI

Easy Deployment –

Deploying a software is one of the most challenging tasks for the developers. It also happens to be one of the basic issues which developers have to face in the process. The existence of various DLLs makes it possible. Usually, it’s quite tough to ensure that all DLLs co-exist in the same place. ASP.Net framework deals with the issue by permitting multiple versions of DLL to exist at the same time side-by-side.

Easy Maintenance –

The cost of maintenance is incurring, whereas the cost of development is a one-time investment. The apps offered in .Net are easy to maintain. The configuration settings make maintenance easy as it can be modified easily without the hassle of rewriting the entire code.

Code Reusability –

The ASP.NET web application development has been done in such a way that it offers a number of re-usable components and codes in the framework, which helps developers perform their task effortlessly. The reusability feature of components and codes make it easier for businesses as the .NET minimizes the development time. If the applications are taking minimal development time, they will be budget-friendly and will fetch higher ROI.

Highly Secured Service –

.Net is considered as one the safest application and web development frameworks available out there in the market. With the high-end tough security covers, businesses can be sure that hackers won’t be able to steal precious data from their apps or websites.

High Scalability –

It has the potential to turn a startup into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. You can take a look at organizations like Apple, Uber, Airbnb, etc. The growth of business exerts pressure on the applications running on it and the existing IT infrastructure. ASP.Net web application development was done with scalability as one of the major concern in the agenda. It helps the businesses to scale and cover the additional load.

Coming Towards the Conclusion

This is how you can reap the maximum benefits on the ROI using .NET platform. It’s one of the most powerful frameworks so using it with the aim of seeking higher ROI, is the best. After all, what else could one possibly want from a stack of technology? With this, you can easily enhance, automate, and regularize you key processing areas.

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