January 20,2023 Dallas, USA

With Odoo 16 hitting the market in October 2022, many rumors went around about it being the most advanced version yet, the quickest, and friendliest. Fortunately, most of it is, in fact, true. Brainvire is among the few agencies to seize the opportunity and upskill itself to provide an added edge to its clientele. 

With a presence across the USA, Canada, UAE, and Singapore and 180+ Odoo-certified experts, it’s no small feat that Brainvire is now an Odoo 16-certified agency. As an Odoo Gold Partner, they have led the Odoo ERP implementation across varied SMBs and enterprises. Helping brands like American Tire Depot, Ajmal Perfumes, MBT Shoes, Balubaid, Colosseum, and Astara, their successful live projects sum up to 200+ ERP implementations. Additionally, they have been a significant and active participant in Odoo Experience for several years, delivering insights on how it is highly scalable as a unified, single platform and how they aided global brands with the system.

With Odoo 16 making its mark on the market, Brainvire seized the opportunity to upskill and take their partnership to a new level. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, says, “We owe our continued success to continued perseverance and striving to stay ahead of the curve at every turn. The digital era is effervescent, and without upskilling ourselves, we can never imagine leading it. Our team deserves the entire credit for taking this leap and maximizing it.

The Odoo 16 upgrade shines a light on the general concerns of the earlier versions. It can boost performance, make communication more seamless, and enhance user experience. It also offers exclusive features like new dashboards, VOIP calling, a better user interface, custom fields, email templates, Gnatt view, mobile previews, and multi-language installation. 

From offline and online retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, to IT consultancies, marketing firms, healthcare and hospitality industries, accounting firms, R&D enterprises, and Odoo partners, everyone can maximize their operational excellence with this upgrade.

Here’s a brief account of the most popular Odoo 16 modules, their new features, and how they can shape better business operations.


In addition to the accuracy rate in OCR, the New Bank Reconciliation feature with accounting imports and multi-currency matching, AR Payment Automation, drag-and-drop upload, and auto-complete make way for reduced operational issues, quick invoice creations, accurate reports, and increased efficiency.


Quotations in Odoo 16 enable sales velocity and quick formulations. In addition, the Sales Analysis options make it easy to analyze performance.


With real-time sales, purchase order tracking, and accessibility to purchase histories, Odoo 16 can create higher transparency and open systems to enable better performance, security, and seamless user experience.


Reception reports in Odoo Warehouse will result in better clarity. Additionally, the force scan functionality and postcode filter improvements can help uncomplicate manufacturing and transportation, efficient and accurate processes, and enhance inventory management.


The trackability of manufacturing orders, dividing and merging options, and the introduction of the Subcontracting Portal can increase overall transparency, simplify processes, and conserve valuable time.


The Odoo 16 hosting provides a single view to manage the front and back end and a wide range of customization tools. This upgrade can create customizable, exciting, interactive website designs while saving time.

In addition to these modules, the Odoo 16 version has upgraded modules for eCommerce, Marketing, HRMS, and much more. With the added features and optimizations, it promises to be better, smarter, and faster to provide blink-of-an-eye performance.

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