PHP Open Source Shopping Carts – Excellent Resources for Ecommerce Website Development

Setting up an online store can bring numerous benefits for an entrepreneur willing to reduce his operational and marketing costs while improving the overall profitability for his business. An online store will widen the reach ability of a business by helping it spread a word of it among the people across the globe. The entrepreneurs will have to invest lesser human and other resources for setting up an online store or say an ecommerce website for sale of their products. The management and record keeping issues often faced in physical stores are cut down with ecommerce website development. Hence, many entrepreneurs these days are going for setting up ecommerce websites for their business and what do you think they use as a platform for their online web development needs? Yes, it’s PHP. PHP website development helps entrepreneurs get an online store developed at minimum costs and moreover will provide them with gamut of options to select from.

Yes, PHP supports various open source ecommerce platforms or say shopping carts to help entrepreneurs carry out their online business tasks efficiently with a fully functional online store. With PHP’s open source shopping cart solutions, one can easily launch a professional ecommerce website that is not only easy to operate but also approachable and attractive enough to encourage potential customers to purchase their products.

Some of the popular shopping cart platforms for ecommerce web site development with PHP are as follows.


Magento is a highly popular and extremely flexible ecommerce platform enabling the developers to create completely customized websites with complete control over its look and feel, content and also the functionality. Apart from product management, Magento enables stronger marketing, search engine optimization and easy payment modules thereby leading to convenient online store management for the entrepreneurs and easy shopping experiences for the users. Magento website development with PHP is the right solution for the larger enterprises that have database filled with hundreds of categories of the products. Managing catalogs, product shipping information or customer orders is rather an easy job with a multi-faceted tool like Magento.


OsCommerce is a perfect online shopping cart solution for the entrepreneurs looking to get a platform that makes it easy for them to run and maintain their business online. It’s easy to set up and manage an OsCommerce store with front-end and backend management tools provided by it. With plenty of add-ons available for use, getting customized functionality out of an online store based on OsCommerce is really easy. Developing completely customized online shopping cart solutions according to one’s needs cannot be much easier than it is with this open source platform. More than 2 lakhs of ecommerce websites are already running on OsCommerce and hence, this number itself signifies the worth of this platform for ecommerce website development.


PrestaShop is a powerful platform for PHP website development to meet ecommerce requirements of a business. This is an ideal shopping cart development solution for those looking for online multi-store management solutions. It enables the entrepreneurs to easily and effectively create and manage multiple online stores for different locations with a single cart installation. PrestaShop provides better localization opportunities for the businesses willing to target sales in different regions. With support for diverse languages, payment and shipment, templates and various other options, this is definitely an ideal platform for ecommerce website development for the big companies looking to position themselves in different markets.

Brainvire Infotech is a leading IT solutions firm all these kind of PHP website development solutions for those looking to set up fully functional and user appealing online shopping portals for their business.

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