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Just Becuz

Just Becuz is into the business of providing personalized memory videos towards bringing togetherness in the family, friends, and communities. The customer approaches the company with a list of beloved persons either as a gift to someone or for own self. Everyone on the list is asked few questions and the person or couple video gets recorded. Once the process is completed, the bundle of videos is presented to the relevant person. Just Becuz contacted Brainvire to develop a web application to make this process completely automated.
Platform/OS Angular JS, Amazon S3, PHP, MySQL
Category eCommerce


The personalized video generation became completely automated and no manual intervention is required at all ends. The AWS provided the best cloud security to the videos. The presence on the web gained the huge exposures from the web world. An exposure, automation and cloud storage dragged the high revenues for the Just Becuz. www.justbecuz.com


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