Odoo Boosts Functionalities For Canadian Tool Manu...

Brainers introduced a robust Odoo system with additional functionalities for a Canada-based tool manufacturer.

Odoo Boosts Functionalities For Canadian Tool Manufacturer
Odoo Boosts Functionalities For Canadian Tool Manufacturer

About Project

The customer is a well-known manufacturer in Canada that creates pneumatic, battery-powered, and computerized pistol-grip torque wrenches that are marketed and sold under the brand's name. Their products have shown to be successful in a variety of industries all over the world, including aerospace, oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, power generation, and industrial. They were looking to improve their efficiency, so they contacted the Odoo consultants at Brainvire to find some robust solutions.

What we did

The customer has a variety of stakeholders, such as resellers, distributors, vendors, end users, and others. It was challenging to handle all of these various parties manually. Our Brainers have developed an automated solution with Odoo, enabling them to monitor, assign, and track all orders efficiently and finish them promptly. Brainers optimized their knowledge of Odoo to offer appropriate features such as a single location, customized price list, and effective loyalty points through discounts, amongst other things. During the same period, Brainers ensured that the client and its stakeholders could examine prices in the currency denomination of their choice according to their location.
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Tech Stack

  • Azure DevOps
    Azure DevOps
  • Odoo
  • Odoo.sh
  • PostgreSQL




Unified System: All of the client's product and order information may be stored, examined, tracked, and kept up to date in a single spot when using Odoo.



With Brainvire’s Odoo consultation, the client can quickly and easily share price quotes from the system thanks to the automated price list, which eliminates the need for cumbersome human computations. The client receives real-time data on the company's operations from the sophisticated and centralized Odoo system. This contributes to general management improvement as well as increased business growth. To keep stakeholders engaged effectively, Brainers developed a specialized loyalty discount program. The Odoo system served as a comprehensive database that allowed the customer to locate, record, and update any business-related information.

Client Testimonials

Patricia Walters
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They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.
Patricia Walters
Founder and CEO - Creative LLC
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They handle all their work with a personal touch, which encourages a continued long-term partnership. Their deliverable are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. I would recommend Brainvire to anyone.

Mike Luhtanen
Founder, Creative LLC
3 years ago