Prime Expectations from Linux Supported Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a widely popular relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. The company recently announced that they will be providing SQL server support to Linux. Microsoft believes that bringing SQL Server to Linux is an effective way to make products and new innovations more accessible to users. There are plenty of integrations and whole lots of benefits that any organization should expect when Microsoft SQL Server Development is possible using Linux platform.

Here are some of the most important expectations from this update.

  • This is certainly a big step forward for the Microsoft as company’s server applications such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server Database Development Services and Dynamics CRM, and various components that are currently running only on Windows will also run on the Linux platform after this update.
  • In the SQL server version supported by Linux, Microsoft is likely to provide advanced analytics tools that will enable organizations to do real-time analytics on their companies' data.
  • When SQL server will be available for Linux OS, companies can build and deploy more of their applications on a single data management and business analytics platform. It allows users to leverage existing tools, talent and resources by utilizing SQL server on Linux platform.
  • Microsoft prefers that organizations run cloud apps on Azure, but if they want to run them elsewhere, then currently it will be very difficult. However, when SQL Server will be available for Linux it will be possible to run the cloud apps in few other platforms as well.
  • Today, if any organization is buying a license version of SQL Server, then they need to purchase two different license versions for both the Windows and Linux operating system On the other side, Linux supported versions are likely to run on both the operating systems.
  • From many years, Microsoft is working to create cross- platform version of .NET which is called .Net Core. Although it's development is yet to complete, there is a good chance that SQL server supported by a Linux platform will use it. With the help of this new platform, Microsoft is trying to strengthen its cross-platform development and create an entirely new market for their applications.
  • SQL Server on Linux will provide better flexibility to clients in their data solution. This new SQL version will be offering an additional support for hybrid cloud at very low price.

However, Microsoft has yet to reveal all the features of SQL Server 2016 which are expected to make their way to SQL Server for Linux in the nearest future. It is clear that these improvements bring you not just a new database but a complete platform for data management, business analytics and developing apps, the one that can be used both on-premises and in the cloud.

Thus, SQL Server support to Linux is a major step forward by Microsoft Azure Development. This update allows users to use SQL server, which is industry-leading database management system, on the Linux operating system. This version will most likely be available in mid-2017 as per the information provided by Microsoft in its official site.

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