Recycling Alternative Collaborates with Brainvire to Deliver Sustainable Recycling Solutions

21 June, 2023 North America

Recognized for leadership, innovation, commitment, and passion, Recycling Alternative is known for delivering sustainable waste management solutions in North America. It now aims to spread awareness about recycling and educate people about machines, their better handling, and the output of the machines that will help companies make informed decisions.

They started with a vision to create an innovative and collaborative recycling hub near the inner city. For 30 years, they have been involved in the recycling and waste management business and pioneered the greenHUB in partnership with the Downtown Eastside nonprofit bottle depot United We Can. GreenHUB is Vancouver’s first recycling co-location model.

The client primarily focuses on delivering green waste management, transportation, food security, production, and distribution-related sustainable solutions. So, they collaborated with Brainvire to create a website with four aims.

First, to educate users on effective composters usage. This education program covers sorting food waste, avoiding contamination, maintaining optimal conditions, and troubleshooting common issues. 

Second, to prevent contamination. The client wants people to learn the importance of proper waste segregation and avoid including non-compostable materials. 

Third, to monitor performance. They want to create a mechanism that can effectively track and analyze the composters’ usage, efficiency, and performance in different locations. It will help identify potential issues, maintenance requirements, or areas where user education needs improvement. 

Last, the client wants to create a system to help companies qualify for certain tax incentives by reducing carbon emissions through composting.

“Delivering the best solution and user experience has always been our priority. Recycling Alternative aims to create a system to spread awareness about recycling and educate users on effective composters usage and contamination prevention. We are happy to collaborate with them to give their idea shape,” said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

A member of the Brainvire sales team reached out to the Recycling Alternative when they were searching for a resilient team that could give shape to their ideas. After finding the right team to get started with, they collaborated with Brainvire, and the team started working on the project.

Brainvire, after thorough research, decided to divide the project into two phases. In phase one, the team analyzed the client’s existing system, processes, and machinery. Based on the analysis, they provided them with new design suggestions and system development requirements for the envisioned platform that will materialize in the next phase. In phase two, the Brainvire team will create a web panel that will help analyze the composter’s data, monitor performance, hold educational programs, and conduct tax calculations. Educating people and emphasizing the significance of contamination prevention may require creating visual aids, instructional videos, and informative signage.

About Brainvire

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